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  1. 1. Try to sell a small amount
    The novice shop owners' first contact industry does not know that when the first clothing is purchased, it must be lost and suffer. The sellers will see a lot of cheap products when they go to the clothing wholesale market. If you look good and look good, you do n’t see crazy shopping after you go back and find that your shop has become a hodgepodge. There are any styles, and the profit and inventory can be estimated. Lost, so you must pay attention to the amount when the first clothing is purchased. If you succeed in trial sales, and then buy in the clothing, you can ensure the profit.
    2, positioning style
    . Before you do the clothing industry, you must consider the positioning and planning of clothing stores. The first thing you need to consider is the passenger flow, style and consumption level, and the surrounding environment. Now People are more and more pursuing taste. Clothes are not just helping them cover their bodies but pursuing fashion trends. They must wear their own style. If they like which store style, they will always buy them. , So clothing stores are generally trying to maintain a style as much as possible. We must adhere to your own style. No matter how tempting other clothing, you must have self -control, focus on operating your specific consumer groups, and do n’t want any money to make money. Otherwise, you may not make money and there will be a lot of inventory risks.
    3, stable supply
    The best way to find a guarantee and low cost in clothing purchase is the source of finding the source. Many times you find that the same clothing will be in two different clothing when buying goods. In the wholesale market, the price is very different. Many people can't figure it out why. The purchase price in clothing manufacturers is the cheapest and very guaranteed, but many wholesalers may be able to buy a wholesale or change hands for wholesale several times. In this way, the cost is naturally high. The profits of the wholesalers are not very profitable. Of course, if you want to get a low -priced product at the clothing wholesaler, it is best to establish a long -term cooperation with wholesalers to have a long -term cooperation relationship. Great sex purchase can reduce costs. If too strong style advantages, the price advantage is even more important.
    4. Establishing a good relationship with wholesalers
    It to determine which clothing should be gradually established after the purchase of goods, so that you can become a mature clothing store in the long run, and you can know that the market is always understanding the market at any time. It is very important. Only by understanding the market can we achieve good economic benefits. After determining the procurement market, you should maintain close communication and cooperative relationships with the merchants in the area, so that the merchant knows your procurement demand and procurement time, and you still have to still have Frequent contact information such as telephone and QQ and other merchants in the purchasing area remain closely linked. If you are the relationship between cooperation, you can make money, so the trust and cooperation between you are very important. Important point.
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  2. You can refer to the clothing source network. This website is a shopping guide website providing the comprehensive information of clothing, jewelry, bags, hats and hats such as clothing, jewelry, luggage shots, hats and hats in the Internet.
    Carler goods source network provides more convenient and more direct supply for Taobao sellers. For Taobao sellers, there are more choices and comparisons. For suppliers, more clothing can be sold, and is committed to providing the most exciting source information content and the best and convenient services to the majority of Internet entrepreneurs.
    As the price of raw materials increase, labor costs have risen, and many traditional enterprises have also begun to "touch the net". They resolved the increasing costs through e -commerce models. Some companies with unknown scriptures, but very market prospects also find opportunities to move from the regional market to the national market through the supply network. It can be said that looking for and cultivating potential dealers for the market is one of the functions of the clothing source network.

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  3. Hangzhou clothing first -hand supply, shirt (E3HUI), clothing first -hand supply platform.
    It now to find a first -hand supply platform, you can make full use of the first -hand supply platform, because it not only allows you to master the factory supply of the entire source of production, but also can directly find the manufacturers of these sources. Ensuring transactions is very worry -free.

  4. A batch: first -level wholesaler. Clothing wholesale term. Specifically, it refers to the wholesalers such as producing or placing orders by yourself, or total **. A batch of supply is generally first -hand supply. Both stores have the same clothes. Different prices, customers will naturally choose the cheap store. There are two influencing factors of clothing stores in clothing stores. One is the rental decoration of the store itself and the investment added of the equipment. The other is the cost of clothing. In the same street, the store rent investment is similar. The only one who can highlight your clothing price advantage can only be in controlling clothing costs. Therefore, many shop owners think that they want to wholesale to the manufacturer's first -hand supply. However, if you find a manufacturer, but do you have to think about some issues? Will the manufacturer believe you? If you go to the manufacturer who wholesale, a large number of? Can some small shops be so large? ** is the same problem! The manufacturer will not waste time because of your dozens of pieces, or only a small battery for a period of time! If you are a manufacturer, you won't waste this time! There is no profit for manufacturers! If there is no profit, everyone is not interested in cooperation! Therefore, generally goes directly to the manufacturers who wholesale are large clothing stores or chain stores. The clothing channels are one by one. The manufacturer puts the goods to the wholesalers. You will buy it back from the wholesaler. Among them, there are real articles to do. Costume wholesale water is too deep. In fact, it is not the key to find a manufacturer. The key is whether your entry price makes you make money. This is to rely on yourself. Whether you go to the stall or the online purchase, whether you go to Guangzhou or the wholesale market around your home, you have to take a look at two questions and three comparisons. The advantage of online purchase is that the website has a rich supply of supply, more styles, and the update speed is fast. Basically, it is enough to cooperate with a high -quality supplier. The style can also be unified. There is no distance limit of the distance. The formation of personalized competition can greatly enhance competition. The hard work of the Guangzhou road fee for the hard work of the city must have a spectrum in it. Another advantage on the Internet is that the comparison is relatively strong, and it is easy to master the deep water of the entry price, which is more suitable for novices than buying outlets. The purchase of the stall can be seen directly to see the goods, and the style selection is relatively rich, but the quality and workmanship are mixed, and the fire -eye crystals need to be practiced. Of course, it must be accumulated for a period of time. Each style of wholesalers will not be updated quickly and need to maintain cooperation with many. In short, the mixed stalls are to cultivate Daoxing.

  5. At present, there are generally three types of product purchase channels for brand discount women's clothing stores on the market:
    1, brand clothing tail goods, clothing manufacturers for OEM production generally will always produce a certain amount of clothing when they receive brand clothing orders. Clothing is called tail.
    2, the inventory of brand women's clothing companies or suppliers is all over -season inventory of these clothing manufacturers. Some of them have been removed from the counter, and some have not even been sold on the shelves.
    3, the clothing of the broken color broken code, directly get the goods from the clothing company, or get the goods from a foreign agent, mainly the broken code clothing products left at low prices when the brand -name clothing is sold. Sales again. This kind of foreign trade is mainly, and domestic brands are rarely taken so much.
    In open a brand of women's clothing discount stores to find the supply. The three purchase channels will tell you here. If you do n’t understand, you can comment on the message below and communicate with me. When you buy it, remember to choose the one that is suitable for your own sales. Do not blindly pursue cheap or big names. According to the positioning of your own store, choose the goods that are suitable for your customer group. After grasping the purchase channels, it is not difficult to increase sales of your brand discount women's clothing stores. It is not difficult to increase sales. If you know the purchase channels and secrets of brand discount women's clothing stores, your shop will definitely do it very successfully.

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