1 thought on “In new media marketing, how to increase the number of live customer bases?”

  1. Want to know what the customer conversion rate of the new media must be known?
    1) Understand the attributes of the new media user group
    If the gender, age group, religious belief, family income, social status, consumer values ​​and other objective factors;
    2) In terms of conditions
    If the status of the objects where the user group is located, the current status of the object of the user group, and the ownership of the customer.
    So how does the customer conversion rate of new media be calculated?
    1) Classified index statistical analysis from the setting of the platform, the target user base, and the situation of the existing platform customer group, such as the ratio of men and women, age stage ratio, industry attention ratio, consumption ratio, etc.;
    2 ) Surveillance record data for a stage of specified categories, and convert the growth of each node for the rate of analysis of the ratio of 1) at this stage;
    3) Analyze the use trend of new and old customers and affect new and old customers Reserve factors, etc.
    So is the most important thing about the new media as the website?
    Yes, the most important thing for new media is the reading and forwarding of the article. This is the same as the traffic of the website.
    So the reading volume and forwarding of new media have something to do with the conversion rate of customers?
    must have something to do with it. Reading and forwarding volume represents the activity rate of this new media (refers to active users/total users. Through this ratio, you can understand the overall activity of your user. It, so after a long life cycle (3 months or half a year) precipitation, the user's activity rate can still be stable to 5%-10%, which is a very good user active performance. Of course, it cannot be completely applied. You have to look at the characteristics of the product.) And the active rate of new media is associated with the customer's conversion rate.
    Why do you say that the active rate of new media is related to customer conversion rate?
    The activity rate of the new media represents the information published in the user group. This active situation brings to the elderly and new, thereby expanding the influence. Then this influence brings relative market value, which can be accurate value marketing according to the classification of new media.

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