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  1. On the decoration motivation

    The decoration of the new house is still mainstream

    The old house decoration is worth looking forward to

    At the same time, under the catalysis of preferential policies for house purchase, the new house trading market is prosperous. Therefore, those who buy new houses are the mainstream of the home improvement market. In first -tier cities, due to the restrictions on urban development planning and house prices, people are more willing to choose the transformation of old houses, or just local renovation.

    The on the decoration method

    half -packs and some customization are mainstream

    N as well known that the decoration is time -consuming and laborious, all -inclusive and full -house custom -made and effort, but are they the mainstream of the current market? According to the survey, 45%of people still choose half a package due to people's distrust of home improvement institutions and services. However, due to the more technological and diverse style choice of all -inclusive, it has been sought after by people, especially in first -tier cities, men in the post -70s are more prominent.

    . At the same time, the whole house customization with one -stop service, unified style, and maximizing space use of space is constantly improving in people's minds, especially in the post -90s group. wide.

    of course, the price is high, and the concerns about craftsmanship and materials are still hindering people's choices for the whole house. Although this is a disadvantage, in turn, the whole house is constantly improving in terms of price, quality, and style in the future, and it will inevitably continue to enter people's hearts and eventually be recognized by consumers.

    In style preferences

    70, post -80s advocate simplicity

    ocated on material quality and safety

    It intelligent and more diversified

    According to the survey, the decoration style of modern minimalist/simple Europe has become the mainstream. As for such style preferences, groups are concentrated in 70 and 80. Among them, children of children pay more attention to the quality and safety of decoration materials. In comparison, the post -90s advocate emotional enjoyment, and they are more interested in intelligent home and technological home improvement.

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