How to enter the sales mobile phone industry

I am a layman. I saw a wide range of prospects in the mobile phone market in big cities. I wanted to enter this industry. I Wholesale a group of goods came to our small cities to sell. I want to know how to enter the industry and what threshold. I hope you guidance

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  1. You must go to a teacher to learn the parts and operation knowledge of your mobile phone before you can touch it;
    At the same time, many people do it now, and I suggest that you can consider other industries;
    It if you really want to enter , I have to pass the master's Guan, and then find a industrial zone or many mobile phone stores to participate in competition, and there is competition to have the market;
    At last, many mobile phones wholesale in Tongtian and Earth in Shenzhen are purchased. The accessories are cheap, but now the profit is also low. I wish you a new year's dream come true and come on!

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