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  1. When some of our groups are not needed, or it feels useless, but a lot of information is annoying, we will retreat directly. How can I retreat? In fact, it is very simple. Let me share with you the specific operation steps of WeChat withdrawing from the group chat. Essence
    It WeChat exit group chat operation steps:
    1. Find the chat group to exit and enter the interface of group chat.
    2. Now in the window, you can see the shape of two avatars and click it.
    3. In the pop -up page, pull down, you can see a red "delete and exit", click it.

    4. A prompt pops up on the page: After deleting and exiting, you will no longer receive this group of information. Click "OK" to exit the group.

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    . You can edit the video
    Many people do not know it. WeChat will release a circle of friends in the circle of friends. I recorded a small video when it was released. By directly retrieve the video in the album, and then edit, a small video release can be formed. However, the current edited small videos can only release up to 10 seconds.
    . You can set the interaction of a circle of friends. No more notifications
    The friends with many friends and very good popularity around us. When he releases a message, there will be dozens of people to like it, and more reply interaction will be formed later. Whenever we open the circle of friends, we will prompt dozens of unreasonable information. Originally, we thought that our dynamics had received attention. After the joy was full of joy, it was a flirting interaction. Now you can block a dynamic.
    icides, as long as the message that does not want to appear in the message list of the circle of friends, select "No more notification" in the pop -up menu, then the person's interaction message will not remind.
    . The group information page View the recent applets
    It since WeChat released the function of the applet, it seems that there is no more. However, sometimes we still use some high -frequency application applets. The advantage is that it can be used directly without installation. It may also be to promote the applet. WeChat adds the entrance to the applets released in the group recently. Even if you delete the group chat, these applets can still be found here.
    . Management can authorize information through WeChat
    Since WeChat has become the main social app, a lot of websites and applications have begun to call WeChat accounts to authorize. But usually we are temporary for many registration needs. Then these authorized information will also be stored in third parties for a long time, and there are hidden safety hazards. Now WeChat can be canceled directly by checking the authorized information.
    It enter the "Settings" option in WeChat "I" and find the "Privacy Options". The last one is "authorization management". There are "Management" options in the upper right corner. Click to select deleted authorization.
    5. Find the forgotten old friend
    Now there are more and more WeChat friends. Some people are important. Some people may just nod. So how do you quickly find the old friends who have not been in contact with hundreds of friends? WeChat provides the function of finding friends for a while.
    It enter the "Settings" option in WeChat "I", find "Friends who are not connected frequently", and click in three options. Choose according to your needs.
    WeChat fault repair function introduction:
    1: Open WeChat, click " " in the upper right corner, and then select "Add Friends"
    2: Add a friend's search box to enter ": recover" Then click "Search", and then you can enter the WeChat restoration function interface.
    3: Finally, the problems appeared in the tool WeChat, select repair. For example, if there is an abnormality in the WeChat circle of friends, then the selection of the upper step, click "Friend Circle", and then click "OK" and complete the repair in the confirmation of the fixing prompt.

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