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  1. In order to strengthen the management of poultry and livestock and regulating pets, maintaining environmental sanitation and public order, pets need to formulate relevant regulations. The following is a model of the relevant provisions of the pets that I have carefully sorted out for you. Let's take a look.

    The relevant provisions for breeding pets Fan Wen 1 Day Daming Pets Management Regulations
    The Chapter 1 General Principles
    Article 1 In order to strengthen the management of pets in the community to ensure the personal safety and personal safety and the owner of the community owner Health, maintain public order and environmental hygiene in the community, and formulate this management regulations in conjunction with the actual situation of the community;
    The pets described in this management regulations, including small dogs, cats, birds and other animals;
    third third The above communities are allowed to raise the above pets, and poultry and livestock are not allowed (including: chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, pigs, rabbits, cows, horses, etc.);
    It 4 other pets. Refer to the following execution of dog breeding management regulations.
    Chapter 2 Law Based on
    The "Opinions of the Comprehensive Governance of the City of Dogs";
    "The Work Plan for the Centralized Reconstruction of Dogs";
    Article 7 "Announcement on Strengthening Dog Management in accordance with the law";
    "Measures for the Administration of Municipal Urban City and Environmental Sanitation";
    Conditions in the Zhang District
    Article 10 Dogs who breed dogs in this community must hold the "Animal Health Immune Certificate" issued by animal epidemic prevention supervision agencies;
    Article 11 dog breeding People must go to the security organs to apply for registration, receive the Dogs Registration Certificate, and ensure that they are checked once a year;
    Article 12 of the dog breeders must hold the "Animal Health Immune Certificate" and "Dog Raise License" to The community property management office is registered and filing, otherwise it will be deemed to be unlicensed.
    Chapter 4 The regulations of dog breeding in the community
    Article 13 Parks are prohibited from breeding of aggressive and large dogs. The dog breeders must have complete civil behavior capabilities;
    14 The dog breeder should inject the rabies vaccine once a year for the breed dog, and the community management office shall do a good job of supervision and inspection;
    Article 15 of the raised dogs raised by reasonable breeding and management to avoid breeding dogs. Barking affects others. When there is no one in the family, the dog should be properly placed.
    Chapter 5 The regulations of dog walking in the community
    Article 16 In order to avoid the peak of people flow and prevent accidents, the dog raised time should be slipped in the community at 7:30 in the morning before 7:30 in the morning. After 20:30 in the evening, do not walk dogs in the community at other times;
    : When the 17 of the dog breeders and dogs leave their households, they should be boupled and led by those who have full civil behavior capabilities. Do not slip dogs in the corridor or the lobby area;
    Article 18 Dogs must not bring dogs into children's playgrounds and residents' leisure activity areas;
    And bring a pet dung bag or garbage bag to remove the feces excreted by the dog in time. For acts that fail to clean up dog feces in time, other owners or property managers have the right to request dog breeders to clean up or clean up by the property company on their behalf (five yuan each time). Warning, fines, or expel the residential area;
    The chapter 6 handling method
    Article 20 to violate the property company of those who violate these regulations to manage and stop it. The property company has the right to collect and expel it out of the residential area or report it to the public security organs;
    Article 21 to the aggressive force and large dogs raised in the community, the property company will conduct the dog breeder Dust discouragement, if you do not listen to the dissuasion, the property company has the right to report to the public security organs;
    Article 22 of the pet dogs raised must not interfere with the normal life of others; Make sure the community is quiet. For those who do not take measures, the property company has the right to take compulsory measures or report to the public security organs, and the public security organs will take corresponding measures;
    Is when the dog raising in Article 23 hurts others, the dog breeder shall timely injuries The person was sent to a regular medical institution for treatment and immediately notified the property company, and a certain amount of compensation should be given to the victim;
    It 24, if the dog raised by dog ​​breeders invaded others, the property company ordered it in writing. After the rectification is invalid, it has the right to take compulsory measures or stop it from the public security organs and recover compensation from the dog breeders through legal litigation.
    Article 25 Pet death must be contacted with the animal husbandry and veterinary department in time to deal with the pet corpse under its guidance. It is strictly forbidden to discard it at will, and it is strictly forbidden to create a pet body in the community.
    The Chapter 7 Attachment
    It 26 The terms of this management are conflicting with relevant laws, regulations, regulations, and standardized documents. This clause is invalid.
    It 27 This management stipulates that it will be tried on September 1, 2010.
    The relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the breeding pets 2 on the temporary provisions of the prohibition of poultry and livestock and regulating pets n In order to strengthen the management of poultry and livestock and regulating pets for poultry The health and personal safety of teachers and students, in accordance with the laws and regulations such as the "Regulations on the Management of the Environmental Sanitation of Urban Municipalities and Municipalities in Nanning City, and the actual situation of the college, these regulations are formulated.
    Piler and livestock are prohibited from raising on campus.
    It prohibited students to raise any poultry and livestock and pets on campus.
    3 Faculty and family members to raise pets shall be carried out or circled, and they are not allowed to reserve. It is strictly forbidden to raising fierce dogs and large dogs. Pets are not allowed to abandon pets in the school.
    It fourth -breeding pets must apply for the "inspection permit" and "quarantine certificate" in accordance with regulations (to the local government public security organs and animal husbandry quarantine agencies), and hold relevant materials to the security office and logistics management office to register in time Record. Pet vaccination on time.
    5 prohibits pets to the teaching area, office area, student dormitory area, library, medical office, sports venue, fitness venue and other public places.
    Perarchers must be strictly controlled by the breeders. When carrying pets to leave home, remove pet feces at any time; when leaving the house with dogs, we should wear dogs chain on the beast, led by adults, and avoid commuting time, stay away from teachers and students, elderly people, disabled, pregnant women, and pregnant women. And children, make sure not to hurt others.
    Propea to breed pets must not interfere with the normal life of others. When pets affect others, the breeder should take effective measures to stop it in time.
    It 8 Pets and poultry and livestock that have not been registered on campus and no one to take care of them will be killed (or medicine).
    It 9 Acts that violate the breeding of poultry, livestock, pets, and individuals who violate these regulations. Any unit or individual has the right to criticize and discourage them, and reports the situation to relevant departments such as the trade union, the defense office, the logistics management office, and the personnel office.
    The faculty employees who violate the above regulations and repeatedly teach, the college will determine its annual teacher ethics assessment as an unqualified level, and will be rejected by the promotion and promotion of the position and the annual evaluation.
    1 11 of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, Trade Union, Student Work Department (Division) is responsible for extensively carried out propaganda and education for bans and poultry and livestock, regulating pet breeding; Propaganda and education of epidemic prevention knowledge; Personnel and related departments (departments) are responsible for criticizing education and staff who violate the regulations. The Security Office and the Logistics Management Division led the organization to organize relevant personnel to discover the disposal of poultry and pets that have not been controlled in accordance with the regulations.
    The college tenant shall be implemented with reference to these regulations.
    The (Article 13 of these regulations shall be explained by the Logistics Management Office and shall be implemented from the date of announcement.
    The relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the breeding pets 3. Regulations on the prohibition of poultry and livestock and related pets
    to build a "safe, stable, harmonious" community, further the community environmental hygiene The living environment of cleaning and hygiene "is strictly preventing the occurrence of health hazards to residents, and the occurrence of safety hazards caused by poultry and livestock and pets. The "Provisions on Electrifying Communities on Electrifying Communities on Electrifying Communities on Poultry, Family Animal and Rabling Related Pets" began within the scope of the electrification community.
    The 1 This provision is applicable to all permanent residents and temporary residents of the electrified community. Pets are called pet dogs, cats, etc. Poultry and domestic animals include pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, goose and so on.
    It the second community does not advocate, encourages, and does not support the breeding of pets, individual interested breeders, and handle the "Pet Registration Certificate" in accordance with the relevant regulations of Leping City; Animals that prevent community residents' personal safety and hygiene.
    Illarly pets in the community must apply for the following registration:
    (1) Apply for the "Pet Registration Certificate". The telephone number and examination records are supervised by the Community Property Management Office.
    (2) Each year, a pet vaccine injection agency is responsible for the approved pet vaccine injection agency to immune to the registered pets to prevent pet diseases and avoid human and animal cross infection.
    (3) For pets to arrange numbers, issue number plates, and numbers should be suspended in the obvious part of the pet.
    It the fourth regulation of pets shall abide by the following requirements:
    (1) When leaving the house with pets, the number of numbers must be registered and beam chains, and the person with the ability is led by the person with the ability.
    (2) It is strictly forbidden to bring pets into community public green space, shops, restaurants and other public places. Pets excrete feces outdoors, and they should clean up or lead people in time.
    (3) Pets must not interfere with or hinder others' normal life. They must not let pets intimidate others, and must not drive pets to hurt others.
    (4) Pet dogs, pigs, chickens, ducks, goose, etc. in the community should be kept indoors. They must not be tied to outdoor, releasing, or abandonment at will.
    (5) Pet dogs and cats that are not led in the community in the community shall be treated according to no one who does not claim within three days, and can be treated by the police station and community property management office. Ping An Volunteer and the Property Management Office shall organize personnel inspections from time to time and find out problems in time.
    The fifth penalty of penalties
    (1) Anyone or manager who raises pets or managers shall not be implemented in accordance with these regulations. Reporting the competent department of the subsistence allowances to be canceled;
    (2) Any animals that hinders community hygiene in the community to breed fierce dogs, large dogs, poultry, livestock, etc. For ground disposal, if the advice is not corrected or repeatedly raised in time, the various welfare benefits given by the community to stop enjoying the community;
    (3) Do not raise pets in accordance with relevant measures in the community or prevent epidemic prevention of pets in accordance with regulations, functions, functions, functions, functions, functions, functions. The department has the right to order it to handle or make up the relevant procedures;
    (4) Anyone who carries pet interference in the community, hinders others' normal life, let the pets intimidate others, and when the injury is injured, everyone or manager should be injured in time to be injured Those who send them to the medical department for treatment and bear civil liability;
    1 6 The community encourages and advocates the effective supervision of the breeding pets, and has the right to report to the functional department In addition to the above -mentioned sanctions, these regulations shall not participate in various evaluations, selections, rewards and other activities organized by community organizations, and will be recorded on the illegal list.
    This VIII shall be explained by the Electrical Community Property Management Office.
    Article 8 This provision will be implemented from the date of release

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