What should I do if the pet hospital accident should be died in a cat?

Due to the less appetite, the cat went to the hospital to infuse, and the doctor at night left the post without permission. What should I do if the cat dies as usual

5 thoughts on “What should I do if the pet hospital accident should be died in a cat?”

  1. If a cat does not eat and feed it to eat probiotics, you can negotiate this matter. If you ca n’t negotiate, you can also prosecute, because the cat does n’t need infusion without eating. It is likely to cause death caused by infusion.

  2. Try to coordinate compensation! If coordination is not possible! Rights can be carried out through legal means! But do a good job of pet death! It has been needed from time to time!

  3. For the first time, you can choose to prosecute, and you can choose to prosecute. According to the results of the court's decision, you get corresponding compensation.

  4. Pay attention to the wrong words! Then the pet hospital must be compensated, but it depends on what the cat owner means, as long as the two parties agree

  5. Compensation, what can I do, let him give you a cat and compensate you, hate this kind of person most, don’t open a pet hospital if you do n’t have love

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