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  1. How do small milk cats train cat litter
    do you know how the little milk cat trains cat litter? Once the kitten does not develop the habit of using cat litter, it will urinate anywhere, so do you know how to train cat litter for small milk cats? Let's take a look at how to train cats to use cat litter.
    On how to train cat litter in small milk cats 1. Preparation of cat litter in small milk cat training
    1. Cat sand pots are best placed in the home to hide and move less. Cats will have a sense of security, and the smell is relatively fresh.
    2. Cleaning and changing cat sands to make the kitten feel comfortable and clean.
    3. If there are two cats or aborigines in the home, it is best to place two cat sand pots. Cat sands are familiar with cat litter training laws. Cats need to urinate after a nap, playing or running around, or after eating. Familiar with cats can help you determine when your cat may urinate. At that time, you can bring it into the cat sand pot instead of going to the sofa. Because many cats urinate after playing and running around, you can play with the cat near the cat sand pot. After playing, the cat may feel urinating. At this time, you can take it directly to the cat litter. In the pot.
    . Cat sand method method of small milk cats
    1. When it is urinating, take it into a cat litter basin to teach it how to dig out cat litter. First scrape the cat litter with your fingers until the cat does it. If the cat is not buried after urination in the basin, just shovel the cat sand cover with his fingers to the excrement. Be patient, and believe that cats will eventually learn to use cat litter pots independently.
    2. You can put the kitten into the cat litter pot and make it accustomed to the smell and touch of the cat sand box. Even if it did not urinate inside at first, let it stay inside for a few minutes.
    3. After the kitten finishes meals, hold it into the cat litter pot, take its paw to plan a cat litter, and then plan the cat litter. The smart kitten understands what it means at a glance.
    4. After the stool is over, remember to clean up in time. In the early days, you can leave a little poop. Because the cat is distinguished by the smell, it is clearly told it that it is its toilet!
    5. If the cat pee or poop outside the cat sand basin to ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned up as soon as possible, and the traces of all urine and excrement are removed, otherwise they will excrete them again in the same place.
    On how to train cat litter 2 I. Tips
    It to buy an open cat litter basin, which is as low as possible as possible, it is best not to be higher than 7 cm. The long kitten can easily climb in. And the kind of cat -gravis with a closed or extension of more than 7 cm, which will have a certain degree of oppression for some small milk cats.
    . Techniques 2
    It is best to put the cat sand pot in your room so that small milk cats can easily run to the toilet. Do not put it in noisy, people like a kitchen, people, people like people Come and teach frequent areas. Never put the cat sand pot and cat's rice bowl and water bowl together.
    The cats are very paying attention to clean animals. They hate that their food is placed near the toilet site. If your home is a duplex structure, you can put a cat sand pot on each layer.
    three. Skills three
    When you take the little milk cat home, you must first cultivate her to the cat sand pot. She put it in the pot. Gently hold her front paws through the cat sand pot a few times, let her feel the texture of the cat litter, and then use your index finger to turn the clean cat litter, let her check the cat litter pot carefully and then be in herself. jump out.
    four, technique four
    The first few days when the little milk cat just arrived at the house. After her first waking up, eating, after the game, and playing for one hour, they must She put it in a cat sand pot.
    5. Skills 5
    Pet the little milk cat into the cat sand pot, be sure to retreat quietly, let her take it there, most cats are more willing to solve problems in a private environment, and Unwilling to be watched by others. Don't "cheer" because the little milk cat just succeeded in the toilet, the little milk cat would be uncomfortable when he heard it.
    must ensure that the cat's excrement is cleaned every day. Don't be lazy. Be sure to keep it clean in the cat sand pot.

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