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  1. The kittens can be deworming three months after birth.

    The in vitro deworming

    Is when the pet owner is to remove insects outside the cat, you must take a bath for the cat to repel. When using insect repellent, it is usually sprayed on the cat's neck. It is worth noting that you can't touch the place where the cat can lick. If the pet owner is worried, you can bring it to the Elizabeth circle.

    The on the body r

    Ifoor deworming in the cat's body, you must have been dewheed after 3 to 4 hours of meal for a cat, and you have eaten it. After deworming medicine, it is necessary to fast it for 6 hours, so as to ensure that the deworming medicine is more effective.

    The warm tips

    Whether it is in vivo -deworming or in vitro deworming, the pet owner must ensure that cats are healthy to remove insect repellent. If you are some sick cats, do not repeat them, you must adjust their body to remove insects. It is not recommended to repel deworming for pregnant cats, because when cats are pregnant, it may cause cats to produce premature or miscarriage.

    Most cats respond to large reactions after deworming, and may have some situations such as vomiting and diarrhea. At this time Digestion

  2. The novice shovel officer must be careful when feeding the cat for medicine, beware of the cat struggle and hurting people by mistake. Note that the time for cat deworming and vaccine needs to be separated by more than 1 week; the internal and external driving time should be separated by more than 1 week; and the cats do not change before and after cat deworming, so as not to cause cats to respond.

  3. How to do the kitten deworming, two months ago, the kitten had two months of physical development. If there was no bugs on it, you could not remove insects. After 2 months, the kitten can be deworming. It is recommended to do it once every 3 months in the body, and it is recommended to do it once a month in vitro.

  4. Choose insect repellent and check the bad reactions after insect repellent.
    Is when the owner does insect deworming for cats, do not buy the kind of cheap insect repellent online. The kind of deworming medicine does not have the quality guarantee and cannot help the cat's deworming. Security risks. In this regard, the owner can give cats a deworming medicine like Meow Wang Qingyong, which has a good effect of deworming effect on a variety of different types of worms in the cat's body. The owner only needs to feed the cat according to the instructions.
    The physical condition of each cat is different. Some cats may have bad mental, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. after taking insect repellent, which mainly because the drug reaction stimulates the cat's intestine. The owner can fast for the cat for 6 hours, and then feed the meow to imagine probiotics to care for the cat's gastrointestinal health.

  5. After the cat is deworming, to avoid cat licking, it is best to bring the cat to Elizabeth circle to avoid the cat licking poisoning. Do not take a bath within a week, which will affect the effect of deworming. Cats are best not to run around a few days after deworming, especially in a very dirty place to avoid affecting the efficacy.
    If the precautions after the cat's exorcments
    Irds after the cat's exorcments
    Cats must avoid cat licking after the cat is externally repeated. If the cat always likes to use the claws Scratch it, and then lick your claws, it is best to bring the Elizabeth circle to prevent the cat from licking the insect repellent poisoning.
    Peve after cat deworming
    make should not take a bath within a week. Cats after a cat deworming will make the cat's insect repellent without the effect, which will make the cat on the cat's body. Extinction of fleas again causing cats to itch on the body of the cat.
    Pamed Cats after repentance
    The cats do not run around within one week after the in vitro dewlving deworming, and clean in the home Subject to efficacy.

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