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  1. The reason why cats bite people are the attacking nature of play. Curious is the nature of the kitten. Sometimes they naturally like to hold human fingers or arms to bite and play for fun. It hurts, and the shoveling officers will not only indulge the cats of their own family, but even shake the kitten to play with their fingers. To some extent, this kind of play from a young age will indulgent it. After the formation of cats biting human habits, they will habitually treat human hands as their own "hunting objects", and it is difficult to change when they grow up.
    Maton biting people may be because they feel pain or discomfort. For example, the shoveling officer is too devoted when the cat is stingy, and the strength makes the cat feel uncomfortable. They are likely to come by biting or catching people. Get away. Of course, if the cat has a disease or pain on the body, the touch of the shoveling officer can easily make them feel pain, which will cause them to bite frequently.
    So the cat's attack behavior sometimes reveals very serious problems. If the shoveling officer thinks that the condition of the child of his home is indeed a problem, you must seek medical treatment in time. In addition, cats may also bite people due to the itching of the tooth bed during the tooth changing period, and the cat may also have a similar response due to tension and pressure after just replacing the living environment ... r r r r r n First of all, shovel officers need to accept the fact that cats have molars and play, and prepare them with enough grinding toys to meet their instincts. They must also arrange a reasonable game time for them. Of course Stick instead of playing with them!
    Actually, cats need to develop a good habit of contacting humans from an early age. When the kitten naturally hugs your hand gently when playing, even if there is no pain, the shoveling officer needs to immediately need to immediately. Judging it loudly and then retracted his hand, and said to it that this behavior was not allowed.
    Is when shovel officers are happy to sting their cats, they must also pay attention to observing the emotional changes of their kittens. When they start to be confused about human touch Possible, but the cat must consider the mood of the cat a little!

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