3 thoughts on “Can cats take insects?”

  1. Just buy some deworming pills. My cat is eaten according to weight. One yuan is not expensive. One kilogram of cats are 1/10 of the pill. Don't give cats for eating medicine, because the amount of cats and cats is different, it is best to ask professionals before medication. However, pay attention to the cat's diet. Do not feed the cats and meats for cats in the future. Cat sands with cats and cats should be replaced frequently. If you use ordinary sand It is fundamental to stay away from cats! Hope your cat is healthy!

  2. Yes, I gave me a piece of the veterinary hospital downstairs. I didn't ask for money, and it became a few pieces of small pieces.

  3. It should not be eaten! I think you should take a cat to a pet hospital. Do n’t understand it. If you do n’t understand, do your own claim.
    or consult with the veterinarian.

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