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  1. There are many signs of kittens before dying. Cats will have stiffness, weak breathing, and slow heartbeat. At the same time, the temperature of the cat will be significantly reduced. The normal body temperature of the cat is 37.8-39.2 ° C.
    has no spirit. Generally, when cats reach the end, it often does not love movement and has no spirit, and especially loves to sleep.
    In walking difficulty. Before the cat dies, its limbs will become stiff, which will be very different from the previous state, and it is particularly difficult to walk.
    Stropically decreased appetite. There is no interest in food, even if you like food, you can taste it.
    In hiding in the corner. The nature of a cat is to choose a place to die in a unmanned place at the end of the dying, so it is usually not found at this moment, or it is found in the corner.
    In breathing difficulties. If you find that the cat breathe lightly, even breathing, and the ups and downs of the heart will become weak.
    In away from home. Cats can be said to be very spiritual animals, and many cats choose to run away from home when they die.

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