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  1. Chinese raccoon cat
    The Chinese raccoon cat is currently internationally recognized internationally Chinese purebred cats. CFA (Cat Fanciers, Inc.). The origin was very early. It is said that the Song Dynasty had records and belonged to natural cats. Soul, lively and active, smart, and good to catch mice. The body is majestic, short and thick, without thick and fluffy, not cold -resistant, wearing fish bone thorns or spots.
    The personality is independent, loves sports, and is very cheerful.
    three flowers
    three flowers are cats with black, red (orange) and white cats. It is officially named "White Cat". The color of Sanhua Cat is a genetic decision, which only appears only on female cats. However, there are also a few male cats that have three colors, but generally such male cats have reproductive defects.
    yellow cats
    yellow hair is also called tabby cat. Wearing a beautiful tabby belongs to more Chinese native cats.
    Lion cats
    The lion cat can also be called white cat, also known as Persian cat. Because the lion cat is mostly white. In addition to the thick snow and long hair, some have a yellow -and -blue eye.
    This cats are cold -resistant because they are wearing a thick long hair. They are strong, strong, and good at catching mice.
    The personality is docile and quiet.
    The origin and Shandong Linqing lion cat, the descendants of Persian cats and Richeli raccoon cats.
    Because of the Persian cat blood, many people are more willing to call the lion cat as the Persian cat.
    This in the past as royal pet.
    cloud cats
    cloud cats are national three -level protection animals. The number is scarce and belongs to endangered species. Distributed in central Yunnan and northwestern Yunnan, India, Nepal, Thailand.
    also known as tattoos, stone cats, grouper, grass leopard, small cloud leopard, small cloud cat, leopard skin, coconut cat.
    Leopard cats
    Leopard cats are also national three -level protection animals. Also called Tancao, copper coin cat, stone tiger. Wide in the Chinese branch. The leopard cat in the south is yellow and the north is silver -gray. The chest and abdomen are white, and the spots are generally black. Night -like animals are generally alone. Bigger than the cat. Due to fur transactions, it is a large number of endangered species.
    Sichuan Jianzhou Cat
    Sichuan Jianzhou Cat is a kind of cat, with tall and strong body, and agile movements. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was the four major local specialties of the country who paid tribute to the emperor. one.

    Xuan Cat is also called black cat. In ancient times, Xuan Cat was a kind of evil spirits and was slowly interpreted by modern people. Like the crow, the ancient crow was auspicious bird.
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  2. Tanuka cat (now by international certified natural cat)
    The title "Chinese Little Tiger"
    The patterns are fish bone patterns, which are good for breeding, strong immunity, strong hunting talents, high combat power, heavy feelings, loyalty, loyalty Once the host recognizes the owner, it will no longer be cold.
    The yellow raccoon cat (currently applying for international certification)
    also called Chinese tabby cats, good temper (orange cats are mostly good -tempered), which is also easy to raise.
    three flower cats (in some countries are regarded as a symbol of luck)
    three flower cats are female cats, male three flower cats will have defects It is considered lucky.
    The cow and cat
    . The coat color is black and white, and some cows and cats "involuntary" have a heart -shaped black hair. Of course, this is not fixed. I remember a big big on the back of the cow cat. Black hair grows love and is very cute.

    Lin Qing Lion Cat in Shandong (I haven’t learned it carefully, I heard that it looks good, it seems to be white cats, as well as eyes, different colors)
    n Cats with four ears, are you wonderful?
    Thexia cat (commonly known as black cat)
    The was raised in ancient times that black cats and crows could dispel evil spirits. (But at night, the cat will not be found)

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer is hello, here is looking for a delicate answer for you, please wait patiently for a while.nHello, you, the separate cats and wild cats are the widespread pets in families around the world. The category of cats belongs to the cat family, and the separate cats and wild cats are relatively wide pets in families around the world. The Chinese name of the basic information about cat Latin scientific name Felis Catus classification method is related to the classification of cats. Due to the different countries, and the translation of the text of various countries, there are many different versions. But the change is inseparable from its ancestors. Except for the differences in the name, no matter how they divide it, they cannot be separated from the following methods: 1. Divided by the living environment a. Family cat: refers to cats raised after human domestication, but and and and of. It will not be too dependent on humans, and still retain the instinct of independent survival. b. Wild cat: Originally the ancestors of the cat, living in the wild environment such as deserts, mountains and forests. In biological history, cats have appeared in the first two million years ago. 2. Divided into a variety of breeding A. Purebred cats: It refers to the cat species carefully cultivated by people after several years and generations, and strictly control their reproductive procedures to avoid the degradation of the variety and the international cat passed through the international cat. Organize recognized varieties. The genetic characteristics of this type of cat are very stable, with similar characteristics between kittens and parent cats, and each cat has a bloodline record, including gender, variety, body characteristics, and their ancestors. b. Hylag cats: refers to the varieties that are not controlled by man -controlled and reproduced by themselves. The genetic characteristics of such cats are very unstable. Different hair colors often appear among the same nest kittens. Many people are collectively referred to as local cats in China. 3. Divide the cats of the cats and shorts. A. Long -haired cats: The representative is the Maine Cat, Lagdor Cat, Himalaya Cat, Persian Cat and Somali Cat.

  4. Chinese famous cats
    The cats raised by Chinese folks, although most of them breed naturally, have also formed some varieties with characteristic characteristics or regional characteristics. There are several main types of Chinese cats:
    Shandong lion cats
    Shandong lion cats are also known as Linqing lion cats. Shandong Lion Cat is a variety of white hair and black and white hair color. The neck and back hair is 4 to 5 cm long, standing like a lion. Among them, the long -headed lion cats in Linqing City, Shandong Province are the most precious, so also known as "Linqing Lion Cat". In addition to the thick white long hair in Linqing cats, some of them also have a yellow and one blue blue. Eyes (known as Yin and Yang Eyes) are similar to Persian cats, but there is no short face of the Persian cat and the upward nose. Shandong Lion Cat has strong body, strong disease resistance, cold resistance, and good at catching mice.
    is also known as tabby cat. There are all parts of China, but most of them are in Shaanxi, Henan and other places. The raccoon cat looks a bit like the American spotted cat. Except for the neck and the lower body, the body is gray -white hair. The hair color of the rest gradually transitions from black and gray into a regular striped spotted pattern, like a tabby, hence the tabby cat. This cat hair is short, sebaceous glands are developed, mouse catcher is strong, and the production rate is high. But it is not cold -resistant, not guarding the family, and weak resistance.
    The cloud cat is named after the shape of the sky like the sky, and it is called "coconut cat" and "palm cat" because they like coconut trees and palm tree juice. The hair color of the cloud cat is brown or black and gray, the head is black, white spots under the eyes and sides of the eyes, black spots on both sides of the body, several black vertical lines on the back, brown and black on the limbs and tails, and the appearance is very beautiful. It is a precious cat viewing cat. Cloud cats are not fixed. There are two nests of nests a year. Only distributed in southern China.
    Sichuan Jianzhou Cat
    The cats in Jianzhou, Sichuan, are tall and strong, with very agile movements. This cat is mainly used for rats.
    It, such as the Haizhou cats, Shijingsang cats recorded in the Tang Dynasty, and only 31 wild cats in the world currently, there are about 10 kinds of China, including leopard cats, money cats, golden cats, rabbits, rabbits的 的 的 is a rare animal protected by the country, especially the desert cats and flower spotted golden cats that are only produced in China.
    Reference materials:/gb/misc/2004-06/28/content_55440

  5. There are many types of cats, and the current species are more common: 1. Siamese cat 2. Puppet cats 3. Persian cat 4. Tanuka cat.

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