Why does the cat's mouth always flow mucus

There is a total flow of mucus on my mouth of my cat. It is not good to eat vitamin B2 for it, and anti -inflammatory drugs are not good, but eating is good, but it is not long.

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  1. Cats have such a transparent mucus and smell. It may be because the cat's mouth is inflammated because of the disobedience of daily life.
    The cat owner requires cats to take some measures to help cats solve the problem. If the delay does not solve the problem for the cat, the cat's condition will become serious.
    1. Adjusting the cat's diet
    This problems with the oral cavity must also be adjusted to the cat because the cat's inflammation may be caused by improper food. A series of inflammation problems, so cat owners need to replace their diet at this time, such as millet porridge, vegetable porridge that can facilitate cats to swallow, and prepare more clean water for cats to drink.
    2, to supplement the cat to supplement vitamin
    , it is also possible that the cat's body lacks vitamins, especially vitamin B, so oral inflammatory problems, such as corner inflammation. Then the cat owner can add more vitamin B to the cat at this time, and you can feed the cats more fruits and vegetables, such as: carrots, spinach, apples, etc.
    3, regular cleaning the cat's mouth
    This may also think that the oral cleaning work has not been done in the past, so such problems occur, then the cat owner should remember to do a good job of oral cleaning for the cat's oral cleaning. You can brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a week, or go to the hospital regularly to clean the cat's mouth, check the health of the teeth. Although cats are pets, they still pay more attention on some issues.
    Extension information:
    The characteristics of cats:
    1, appearance characteristics:
    The head round, facial facial, five fingers, four toes of the hind limbs, sharp and curved toes, sharp and curved claws, Claws can be retracted.
    2, powerful balance
    Cat is a animal that is good at climbing and jumping. The balance of various organs in its body is more complete than other animals. When it jumps down from a high place, the body loses the balance. The nervous system will quickly command the skeletal muscles at the fastest speed to adjust the loss of the balanced body to the normal position.
    3, strong adaptability
    The cat can quickly adapt to the living environment and use living equipment, such as the proper use of the pots, opening and turning off the drinking water heater.

  2. The cat's mouth flowing mucus may be because of the daily unwillingness, so if there is inflammation, then the owner needs to take some measures to help the cat solve the problem. If the procrastination does not solve the problem for the cat, then the cat’s The situation will become serious.
    1. Adjusting the cat's diet
    The problems such as cats may be caused by improper diet. A series of problems that appear to eat more hot foods and get angry. It is recommended to feed cats with some chewy millet porridge, vegetable porridge, etc. at this time, and prepare more clean drinking water for the cat.
    2. To the cat supplement vitamin B
    This problems occur in the mouth, indicating that there is also a lack of vitamins in the body. Then at this time, the pet owner can add more vitamin B to the cat, and you can feed the cats more fruits and vegetables. If the cat does not eat, you can also feed some family fun vitamin B and pay with pet mouth to help absorb and recover.
    3. Cleaning the oral cavity of the cat

    The oral environment of the cat will be bad at this time, so the pet owner must help the cat in time, you can simply clean it with hydrogen peroxide, and then spray the cat on the cat. Vocal jets such as pet mouth are helping to accelerate the recovery of the oral environment.
    4, antibiotic
    If the cat is still unbearable with pain, the pet owner must pair it with some removing oral feeding, or temporarily relieve the pain with cats to fight antibiotics, but in the later period Nursing, pets are mainly patient.

  3. I think it may be severe oral ulcers or granuloma. Do you try to open his mouth and see, is there an ulcer surface on the tongue or gums? If so, it is oral ulcers. You can give him some anti -inflammatory drugs, and reduce the amount of weight as appropriate. Also, if it is caused by the lack of vitamins, Wu Tai's mouth ulcer spirit is also very effective, eating one a day.

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