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  1. Generally speaking, the method of breeding of orange cats is actually the same as ordinary cats, but it is a little longer, which is easy to give people a setting impression that loves to eat fat and needs to control the amount of food. To this end, we need to raise orange cats, we must fully understand and master the laws of living habits.
    The reason why he gets fat is actually very simple. This is mainly due to the orange cat on the market mostly male cats, and the result of always occupying an advantage in the body shape. According to research and survey, the birth rate of male cats to female cats among the orange cats is about 4: 1. For example, the prototype of the comic Garfield is actually an orange male short -haired cat. Because the genes of controlling cats (black and yellow) are related to the genes that control the gender, the probability of solid colors of male cats is larger than female cats. In other words, the three -color cat must be female cats.
    If according to the principles of evolution of Darwin's "survival of the fittest", it is not difficult to understand that in the natural environment, the male cat first is larger than the female cat in the body. If it is a cat that is raised by his own, the kittens have been surgery after the eunuch surgery, and the only problem that needs to be worried about the flowering flowers does not need to be remembered. You only need to eat, drink and sell cute every day, and the weight growth is often even more out of control.
    Therefore, you will find that most of the guys weighing are male cats, and it can be said to be very impressive in terms of proportion.
    The owners who have fed orange cats have found that orange cats are particularly easy to feed, not only eating too much, but also not picky eaters. Some orange cats like Lei Feng, in addition to eating all the food in their own food, will also happily help friends who do not like to eat to clean their leftovers. After that, if you need it, they are also willing to be willing to Jump to your table. Such food will soon open away from the friends around you.
    A even special scientists have found that the color may not be able to determine the body of the cat, but it is likely to affect their personality. "National Geographical Magazine" publishes the relationship between the hairy color of the cat, indicating that the color cats are often independent and like to be alone; white cats are gentle and coquettish; but orange cats love communication very much, and their character is outside ... as the saying goes, good words are good. , Given your heart!
    The comprehensive research shows that there are so many reasons why orange cats are obese:
    1, orange cats are naughty and especially love.
    2. Compared with the short and English shortness, the amount of orange cats is not exaggerated to the level of being able to hang other varieties of cats. However, orange cats are particularly not picky. What chicken, corn, bread, basically eat it.
    3, the reason why the orange cat does not picky eaters, I think it is related to its genes. Historically, Chinese pastoral cats are often raised, released, or even wandering. Problems.
    4, in the cat, orange cat is a very smart variety. It is particularly good at imitating humans. When you eat, it either comes around and watch you eat. If you don't give it, it quietly eats your cat food. Therefore, orange cat fat may be because the owner who raises it is a fat man who loves it.
    5, orange cat's physical fitness is very good, not often sick, and the digestive absorption function is also very good. I used to buy it for the cat food that can get fat. The face was obviously fat, and the hair looked even more shiny.
    6. Compared with the variety of cats, the orange cat's sleeping time is less, but it sleeps particularly dead, and sometimes the snoring is larger than people. These valuable sleeping time is also the key to raising it.
    7, the mind of the orange cat is relatively not so delicate, because of depression or bad mood and hunger strike is rare.
    8. Orange cats are pure natural varieties that have not been optimized. It does not compress the chest cavity due to short legs, nor does it cause cartilage. The law of natural growth.
    9. In the end, why the orange cat is so fat, it may still be related to the owner. How fat you are, how fat it is. However, although fat kittens are more lovely, obesity is often the first murderer of heart disease, fatty liver, hypertension and other diseases. Here I recommend a low -fat cat food — customized cat food. Most cat food has a crude fat content of 20%. Long -term consumption will cause cats to gain weight quickly. It will not gain weight, and the various nutrients needed for cat development are also included here. Pets are like family members, we must always pay attention to their health.

  2. When we raise an orange cat, we must loose it, fully respect their living habits and work and rest habits. I usually buy some high -quality cat litter and cat food to ensure that they are healthy and maintain a happy mood so that they will raise them well. A orange cat.

  3. Just feed some suitable food for orange cats, and create a good sleeping environment for orange cats, so that the orange cat can grow well.

  4. If you want to raise a orange cat, you have to spend a lot of time to accompany it. And must also give it imported cat food. Because its stomach is very fragile, it can't eat miscellaneous grains.

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