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  1. The energy is strong
    Therenn cats show the nature of the cat to the fullest. Go to the room to unveil the tiles, bounce on the bed, bite furniture, and specially toss. Among them, the raccoon cat is the most lively and active. Some of the idyllic cats who are raised indoors love to bark. If you locked it in the cage at night, it can call a whole night without panting! As for the idyllic cats that do not like to bark, look at the fate ~
    If this point, it is really not recommended to go to the rural cat. Live love and playing are their nature, don't think about changing them by scolding punishment! You need to spend more time to accompany them, and consume as much as possible ~
    I IQ performance
    The long -lasting you will find that the performance of idyllic cats will be better than variety cats. After all, It is the master who can survive in the wild. What it doesn't like to do, you can't force it! For example, cutting nails, bathing ..... Violent can only be exchanged for violence, you may be caught by it ~

    It can not eat fat
    Picked eaters. A little bit, no matter what you eat it, you want to make a bite, but you can't feed it human food because of this. It is the characteristics of them, so you don't need to expect them to make their cheeks. The small thin face of the sharp chin is their iconic feature ~ Orange cat exception! Orange cat exception! Orange cat exception!
    Pet character differences
    The characteristic differences in idyllic cats -some idyllic cats may be more sticky, not afraid of raising, bold fat, and cats who can bring out or bending on their own; Small, except for his owner, you will not get close to any other humans! Therefore, considering the rogue of the rural cat, you must be optimistic about the cat. It is important to seal the window and seal the balcony ~
    Speaking of the rural cats basically comes from adoption and rescue. Enough patients to build the trust between you and the cat. Patience this stuff is not inherent, especially when you adopt an adult cat! Please think carefully about adoption. Not only are you just cute, but you are also responsible ~

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