5 thoughts on “What will happen to pet cats?”

  1. Feeding can cause cats anorexia, hair loss and other phenomena, but scattered cats will not, because they can add food in the wild to supplement what they lack in the body

  2. If you eat rice frequently, it may cause the cat's physical fitness to decrease, which is prone to diseases. Moreover, the cat's stomach cannot completely decompose carbohydrates, and it cannot taste the sweetness of rice. Rice is also very digestible for them. It is not recommended to feed for a long time.

  3. What will happen to pet cats? Pet cats are usually eating cat food. If people eat rice, he will indigestion and may be bad, so try not to prepare rice cats for rice

  4. It can be eaten occasionally, but it is not recommended to eat for a long time. The staple food is mainly cat food, because cats are carnivorous animals, and cat food contains a large amount of protein. The nutrition is relatively balanced and comprehensive

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