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  1. Golden bears are a kind of hamster. They are relatively yellow and white and very cute. Xiong Tsai may bring you different fun. It is not difficult to raise golden bears. I will introduce you how to raise hamster gold silk bears? What should I pay attention to when raising golden bears?
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    How to raise gold silk bears in hamster gold silk bears
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    n First of all, the name coverage of the Golden Silk Bear is relatively large. Not only does the golden bears have many different hair color, they are also divided into long hair and short hair. The cheapest golden bears are also higher than the third -line hamster.

    The purchase path

    It to buy golden bears should pay attention to selecting, lively and clear eyes, but still not ruled out that the rats are the week. It is the golden bears that adopt others to breed.

    If feding

    . Most hamsters cannot be raised in the same cage. A small number of varieties can be the same Cage care. Golden bears do not belong to the varieties that can be raised, please pay attention.

    Large equipment

    The gold silk bear's head is relatively large. If you have raised a hamster three lines before, then you will find that the bear is really big few. The cage of the golden bears, the running wheel, and the nest must buy a large number.

    The feed

    The gold silk bear and ordinary hamsters are not much different. Special attention should be paid to drinking water to prevent wet tail disease.

    Reasonable playing

    The character of golden bears is very tame. Golden bears are the earliest human pets in hamsters. But be careful not to tease Xiong Zai before you are familiar with. It is best to tease in a darker environment, Golden Bear does not like too bright environments.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer people sometimes like pets with smaller body shapes, because it is more convenient to raise and basically does not take up much place, and small and exquisite is also a cute one, so many small animals are domesticated into pets, the most representative of which is the most representative. Sex, the most popular is the hamster. The hamster has been breed until now in just decades, but the hamster itself has a fast breeding and a short life cycle. Therefore, it has been developed by pet breeders for decades. a member of. Although the name of the Golden Bear has a bear in the name, it is not a real bear, because the name of the golden bear is the name given to them by pet lovers, and other names include gold hamsters and gold hamsters. In fact, the official name of the Golden Bear in biology is the Syrian hamster, which belongs to the genus of the medium hamster, and the commonly common small hamsters such as the third -line, pudding, and purple warehouse are members of the dwarf hamster. At first, the golden bears had only several fixed colors in the golden and pale yellow range. This is also the origin of the two names of the golden bears and the gold hamster.但是经过几十年的改良和培育,金丝熊已经产生了许多种不同颜色类型:灰色、黑色、玳瑁色、肉桂色、奶油色等,也出现了多种不同品系比如眼圈熊、陨石熊、 Changmao bear, etc., collectively referred to as bear hamsters, can also be called into a golden bears directly. Because the golden bear is also a member of the hamster department, they are similar to the habits of ordinary dwarf hamsters. Regarding the feeding method of Golden Bear, it can be roughly in three aspects. The first is the breeding environment. Almost all hamsters are lonely livelihoods with strong territory, and golden bears are no exception, so never think that you can raise two golden bears in the same cage. Officials may see the love pictures that they lean together, but after a long time, they often fight hard or even die, so they must not be lucky. This does not mean that hamsters are fierce animals, because living alone and strong territory consciousness are their nature. Only living alone is what they are used to for millions of years. After weaning, the hamster will also run each other. Following their original living habits is the correct scientific breeding. Any shit officer who imposed the idea of ​​"I am afraid of it is lonely" to the hamster is an irresponsible shoveling officer. In addition, the cage of the golden bears should not be too narrow, because each golden bear is very broad in the field of the wild, so their artificial breeding environment is not too large, only too small. It is best to prepare the layered cage for them to run and explore them up and down, and equip some toys and sports equipment in the cage, such as cushioning, pipelines, running wheels, and molars. The second aspect is diet -related. Golden bears are omnivorous animals. They eat the seeds, flowers, fruits, and buds that are mainly eating plants in the wild. They also eat some small insects, worms, and even rot. As a pet breeding, there are three points of attention to the shoveling officer. The first point is to maintain nutritional balance, plant and animal foodnNovices can raise golden bears, but if there is a lot of attention. Learn a lot of related knowledge.

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