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  1. Joining the Pet Store Ranking
    The pet industry is a very promising industry. Compared with foreign countries, the domestic pet industry has a long way to go in both scale and the top of the first few development. The pet economy in the United States can account for more than three % of GDP, and the domestic pet economy is still very low. Domestic pets are mainly cats and dogs. The population of pets is uneven, and the number is very large. This is the basic feature of the domestic pet industry. So since the development of the domestic pet industry, pet product manufacturers have been cultivated by the market. Many pet food manufacturers have entered the huge market in China. Among them, Mars Group is a well -known pet product manufacturer in the world. You can not know that the code is the group, but you can't know Dove, Dove is a subsidiary of Mars Group. Compared with pet supplies, Dove Chocolate has a large proportion of dog foods to the Mars Group, and the profits and prospects of the pet industry are very wide.
    In recent years, many chain agencies about the pet industry have appeared in China. For the first place in the ranking of pet stores, the pet industry has developed too fast. The rapid development of an enterprise cannot be separated from this era. Under the spring breeze of the pet industry, it has continuously developed entrepreneurship and in accordance with the times, and quickly became a model for Chinese pet chain institutions, and was continuously used by people in the same industry and other industries to learn and imitate.
    This can develop so quickly. Opening a store to open a store is due to the times, and it is also due to the industry as a large gold mine that needs to be excavated. The location of the pet store requires market survey and analysis. Opening a pet store requires high -quality supply of profit. Opening a pet shop also needs to operate with careful operation and good professional technologies. The pet store is good, the pet shop has joined the rankings, and the leading brand over the past decade.

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