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    Cat slaves should have the situation of being caught by cats. Usually, the cat who is usually docile, I do n’t know why they suddenly catch people. The owner will think that this is the person's personality. of.
    In order to allow pet cats and family members to get along well, it is necessary to stop cats catching people in a timely manner. And when cats were young, training should start training, allowing cats to develop good living habits, and friendly treating people to prevent cats from catching people.
    In daily life, when we find that cats show signs of grasp, we must stop it in time. The owner's loud scolding is an effective way to stop cats catching people. After the cat hears the owner's scolding, the next move will be stopped. At this time, the owner should give the cat appropriate reward, so that the cat knows the scolding and punishment of the owner in exchange for people, instead of bite people's praise and reward.
    At the same time, in order to prevent cats from catching people, the breeder must further understand the characteristics of cat behavior language. Because people and pet cats have many different behaviors and meanings, in humans as friendly ways to greet them, they may have aggressive meaning in pet cat eyes. Therefore, in the process of getting along or meeting with cats, we must avoid doing some actions that make cats feel dangerous and avoid cats catching people because of their danger.
    In order to prevent cats from catching people, the owner should train cats from an early age to allow cats to contact humans more, and let cats familiar with the expression of human friendship. At the same time, cats have developed good living habits from an early age and a mentality of treating people. It also allows pet cats to develop a kind mentality since childhood.

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