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  1. How much does it cost to open a cat shop? Follow the cat and take a look. Now that the cat shop is gradually increasing, people who raise pets are very concerned about the health of pets and will regularly take a bath and beauty for pets, which will promote the prosperity and development of the pet market. It is a good choice to open a cat shop now. How much does it cost to open a cat shop?
    The investment expenses are related to the location factors of the cat shop, which is the city where the cat shop is located. Beijing and Shijiazhuang opened the same size cat shop. Beijing's investment costs are higher, and the overall consumption level in Beijing is one level.
    As the number of cat shops increasing, consumers have more choices. Relatively speaking, consumers are more willing to choose those cat stores with higher grades to consume, because not only can ensure that the quality of service can also appear Consumer grade. Therefore, investing in a high -end cat shop will be more fragrant. Since it is a high -end cat shop, of course, the investment is more.
    The funds for investment in different store types are also very different. The funds required for a small store are only about 80,000 yuan. The higher the investment, the higher the return. Of course, according to the different factors of each person's strength, you will also adjust the investment here appropriately and make corresponding changes.
    Is when opening a cat shop, you also need to do well in after -sales service, so that your cat shop not only won reputation in the minds of consumers, but also left a good impression among major partners. Good prospects in the industry. Cats have home, cats!

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