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  1. Mine cats are different from other cat species because of their intelligence, machinery and lively active. Benin cats often tend to use their forefoot to pick up items, and at the end, learn to use the foot of the closet to open the faucet, rush the toilet, and even pick up small objects. Some Maine Cats eat or drink water in a "bowl with a bowl" instead of "bowl with bowls". Because the Minson cat is smarter than other cats, Maine cats are also one of the most trained cat species. The screams of Maine cats sound like combining the "cat" that is generally known with the "cat", and only when they are happy or frightened will they make such a cry. The Maine cat rarely eats alone, and likes to be happy with the cats or everyone.
    1. Great
    It people like to say that Maine cats are the largest cats, but in fact they are between Norwegian forest cats and puppet cats. Weighing 20 pounds.

    2. The colorful origin stories
    , as their name, Maine Cat is native to Maine, USA. Because their brown fur and thick tail, and the roots behind the English name of Maine Cat have a "Coon", which is the same as the raccoon "RACCOON". Mate by semi -wild domesticated cat and raccoon. Another statement was brought to MAINE by a captain named Coon. The captain's entrusted person is Queen Mary Antonetet, who was poor and extravagant. She originally intended to escape from France to the United States, but obviously the French Revolution was much faster than her escape.
    Mestal breeder's view is that Burine cats are mated by the original North American short -haired cat and the long -haired cat species that came across the sea. The Angola cat introduces the new world, or the Viking people brought their hometown to the Norwegian forest cat into North America (the reason for the introduction is that the days of the ancient maritime sailing are boring and boring than romantic. one). In short, the appearance of the Maine cat is either similar to the Norwegian forest cat or it is almost the same as the Siberian cat. This is attributed to biological convergence evolution. Different biological species evolve similar or even the same biology through the similarities of the environment. feature. (Maine, Norway, and Siberia are slightly different in latitude. In the climate, such as humidity, average annual temperature, and even annual rainfall, it is slightly different. Under the environment, breastfeeding must evolve the fluffy thick hair to separate the low temperature, and the volume is huge to increase the adhesion ratio of fat to increase the survivability at low temperature.)
    . For winter "dressing"
    The evolution of Burine cats is to survive in harsh winter. They have evolved some characteristics, such as large and furry claws as built -in "snow shoes", and a thick and dense tail. When you feel cold, the tail can be wrapped around.
    The most prominent features of them are thick waterproof coats, which are longer on the abdomen, ring collar and both sides. These furry parts keep the lower body of Maine cats warm, whether sitting on the ice or walking on the snow, whether it is sitting on the ice. The hair on the shoulders becomes short, which makes the kittens play in the woods without being entangled by the branches or bushes.
    4. Not all Maine cats are brown
    . They have a lot of colors, including: Smoke (smoke), cream (cream), Cameo
    (relief), Macker (鲭 鲭 (鲭Fish), and (鱼). But CFA does not allow the following colors: lilac (lilac), chocolate (chocolate), or seal point size, if it appears, it means hybridization.
    5. They won the first popular cat exhibition in the United States
    In 1895, one of the earliest and most famous cat exhibitions in the United States was held in the Madison Square Garden in New York City. There, a brown brown spots named Cosite won the "Best Cat" award for the event. Today, the silver collars and medals won by Cosite at this event were exhibited at the Ohio Cat Love Association (CFA) headquarters.
    The long time since then, Maine Cat has always been the most lustrous variety in this country until the Persian cat has become popular. After that, cats stopped raising the award -winning Maine cat. This cat has become very rare, so that some sources say that people think it was extinct in the 1950s. In 1968, the enthusiasts joined forces to save this furry cat and established the Benin cat breeder and enthusiast association. In 1976, Maine Cat won the CFA championship.
    6. It is very popular in Maine and anywhere.
    Min cats officially became the state cat in Maine in 1985, but they were also loved by cat lovers in the United States. In 2015, Benail was the third largest and most popular variety in the United States, according to CFA registration statistics. They are also very popular in Japan and Europe.
    7. A Benin cat has appeared in Harry Potter series movies
    . The Maine female cat named Pebbles played Fernacci in the "Harry Potter" series of movies Pet cat -one of the three kittens of Mrs. Norris. Perbes was a sterilized cat mother, and was "discovered" in a cat house in southwestern England. According to reports, her response to complex training is not as good as other cat actors in the movie, but she is good at passing the studio and stopping under the order. Remember the photos of Mrs. Norris pacing in the Hogwarts Auditorium? That is Pebbles.
    8. A Benen cat was cloned
    In 2004, a Maine cat named Little Nicky became the first commercial clone pet animal. After Little Nicky died at the age of 17, he preserved his organization in a gene library in the Dallas, the owner of the Dallas region. She spent $ 50,000 to let the headquarters in California's genetic savings and cloned (Inc.) Transplanted Little Nicky's DNA into an egg cell. The company is dedicated to the clone of dogs and cats and is a controversial company. A surrogate female cat gave birth to a kitten with this embryo. Its appearance and temperament are similar to the kitten they love.
    In the interview with the newspaper, Julie is a satisfactory customer. However, she will not entrust Nigeria III in the short term. Genetic Savings

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