4 thoughts on “How big can Shiba Inu be kept, and what are the characteristics of Shiba Inu?”

  1. Net red Shiba Inu can raise more than 20 pounds. The characteristics are relatively thin, but the limbs are very slender and have a very thick tail.

  2. Shiba Inu color is dark brown, and the eyes are oval; the ears are in a triangular shape, standing straight, and leaning forward slightly. The back is very flat and short, the mouth is cone type; the head is medium size, the whole body ratio is very well -proportioned, and the bridge of the nose is very straight. The black lips are very tight and the teeth are very neat and strong. Shiba Inu's neck is stout and strong, with moderate length, and it looks shaking. Straight limbs, moderate length, muscles are very conducive to running.

  3. Shiba Inu has been breed in recent years. Whether it is Japanese dramas or on the street, the frequency of appearance is getting higher and higher. Although Shiba Inu is a common dog in my country in recent years, it has also captured a lot of raising. The heart of the dog.
    Hashamine characteristics of Shiba Inu, Shiba Inu now has several versions of several pet bloggers. Many single people have initially promoted to celibate dogs after watching various warmth pictures or videos of Shiba Inu. Oh no, celibate and dog breeders.
    So the problem comes, how much can the beloved Shiba Inu be raised after all?
    The Shiba Inu is a narrow version of the Japanese Akita Dog. The huge male shoulder is about 14.5-16.5 cm: the female shoulder is huge about 13.5-15.5 cm. The central value of the shoulder height planned by a dog with a high shoulder height. The uniform weight under the height of Zhixu shoulder, the male is 23 pounds and the female is 17 pounds. Female shoulder height spans 15.5 cm or less than 13.5 cm. Shiba Inu is smaller than Akita dogs. This is also one of the biggest differences between Shiba Inu and Akita Dogs.
    The body changes of Shiba Inu also have these characteristics: 1. Ministry: The head is melted with the medium size, and the share of the body is appropriate. The forehead is flat, with a slender groove, and the stop is moderate. The expression is prosperous and proud.
    2. Ear: The ears are triangular, erected and small, and the share of the head and body is appropriate. The interval between the ears is relatively open, skew forward, and the ears are not good to blend with the neck.
    3. The limbs: the forelimb is vertical, and the hind limbs are strong.
    4. Palm: Foot claws are like cat feet, round arches appear on the toes, compact distribution, and thick foot pads. The front paws can be removed and the hind limbs have no claws.
    5. Tail: Rough and strong and powerful, rolls with sickle -like or curved after death.
    6. Mao color: There are three colors in total. The bottom hair color is cheese color, light yellow and gray.
    7. Gait: Activities, light and elastic. When a trot, the legs were gathered in the center of the body, and the back line insisted on smooth and level.

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