5 thoughts on “Cats or dogs, cats cute or dog cute”

  1. In terms of cats and dogs, of course, they are raising dogs. The same problems that need the owner's treatment are the same, such as urination, etc. Different problems are big. Dogs are easy to train, and cats are not easy to train. After the dog is training, it won't eat, or even if it is not given to it. It will not eat it. It is given to it for it. After the cat runs out, it will bring the fleas on the mouse home. The dog will not be. It is troublesome to have fleas at home. Wait! It's better to raise dogs than cats, OK.

  2. Cats and dogs have to look at your personal habits.

    is not bad.

    But the cat's personality is that he is God and the owner is a slave, and in the eyes of the dog, the owner who feeds it is God. This is why many people prefer dogs.

    The cats are basically fur, and dogs have no hair loss, such as VIPs and Bear.

  3. It depends on what kind of personality you are.
    The cats are relatively autonomous.
    It is not very sticky.
    The cost of raising cats will be higher.
    If you are a person who likes quiet.
    This cats are still more suitable.
    The dogs are relatively lively.
    The at least twice a day.
    You need to spend more time and energy on it.
    but dogs like to be close to others.
    If you love sports, you can raise a dog.

  4. This mainly depends on you like cats or dogs. If you want to stick to people, pet dogs and pet cats are better. If you say that you do n’t care about the variety, the garden cats and dogs are very good. It can survive, and the resistance is relatively strong, and it depends on your budget, a lot of dogs eat, plus small snacks or something, it will be relatively large, if there are not many budgets. It is recommended to raise a small dog

  5. Cat: It is an animal that is not restrained, is not easy to be trained, is not very human, unfaithful, and more indifferent.
    Dogs: loyalty, human nature, more enthusiastic, smart, clever, easy to train, and love to play with people.

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