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  1. 给宠物猫干洗的步骤:可以用给猫咪干洗的沐浴露rn一、两手沾热水或冷水,先从臀部向头部逆毛抚摩二到三次,然后再顺毛按摩头、背、 With both ribs and abdomen, you can remove the attached dirt and shed hair.
    . Wipe off your body with a towel quickly and carefully to prevent the cat from catching a cold. Press a warm place at home or in a heating room.
    . Use a clean brush to gently sort out the whole body, and the particularly dirty place is carefully sorted out. The abdomen and heels that cats do not like people should also sort out carefully.
    . Dry shower gel in pet shops. Take a small amount and rub it in your hand, and then sort it with a brush.
    . Use towels or tissues to carefully wipe the dirt and water on the cat, and then dry it with a hair dryer. If the cat hates a hair dryer, put it in a cage or box to blow warm air from a distance.
    6. After the hair is dry, brush the hair from beginning to end. Don't forget that your chest and abdomen must also be brushed carefully. After brushing, clean the brush.
    It can be used with a pet shop -professional cat drying agent and dry washing powder
    It can directly pour the mixed dry washing powder directly on the pet cat's body. Then rub the dry washing powder for rubbing, and the rubbing time is usually 5-10 minutes. Then use a comb to comb the hair of the entire cat, clean up the excess dry cleaning powder so that the cat will be cleaned. When cleaning out the excess dry washing powder, we must counter the direction of hair growth, and be careful not to get the powder in the cat's eyes, ears, or nose.
    D drying shower gel is almost the same, just choose according to your favorite.

  2. Bathing to cats is an indispensable beauty work in the breeding process. We know that most cats are afraid of water and don't like to take a bath. Therefore, when many owners bathe the cats, in addition to wet washing, they also use dry cleaning methods. So how to give the cat dry cleaning?
    The shower gel for cats can be used to buy professional cats and dry cleaning powder at the pet store, and then clean the cat according to the description method. At the same time, the owner can also use the conditioner or the cool body powder used by children to replace the cat for dry cleaning.
    If the conditioner is selected, first dilute 1000 times with water, and then shake it evenly. Put in a bottle that can be sprayed, about 20 cm from the cat, spray evenly. During the spraying process, avoid spraying the solution into the cat's eyes, nose and ears. And the hair in the cat should be sprayed evenly. After spraying uniformly, use the cool body powder to sprinkle on the whole body of the cat and sort out it with a dense comb.
    It can go to the nearest brand pet shop to find professional caregivers for dry cleaning.

  3. Many people raise cats and dogs. They like to take a bath for them for hygiene. However, in fact, the hair of cats and dogs should not be washed frequently, because the watering too frequently will cause the natural oil on the pet to disappear, causing the fur to lose its gloss and damage the hair, which will be severely broken and falling off the hair layer. In fact, maintenance of pet hygiene can also adopt dry cleaning methods. The owner of a cat and dog can do dry cleaning at home. It is best to use a dedicated pet drying agent and dry cleaning powder at the veterinary clinic or pet shop to explain it. It can also be replaced by general conditioner and children's cooling powder. The method is to dilute the conditioner (without fragrance) 1000 times with water, pour it into the watering pot, and spray it about 20cm from the hair surface. Pay attention to avoid your eyes, nose and ears, first pull the hair with the hair with your hands, then spray the outer layer of hair. After spraying, use a hair brush to sort out, then rub the body powder on the whole body, be careful not to sprinkle too much too much And avoid sprinkle the eyes, mouth, nose and other parts of cats and dogs, and finally sort out with a dense comb.nIn addition, the owner of cats and dogs should develop the habit of combing hair every day, which is especially important for long hair pets. Daily sorting out is actually a dry cleaning method. Combing can not only promote blood circulation, make the fur of the pets healthier, but also enhance the contact between pets and owners, and maintain a more intimate relationship.

  4. Now the pet cat's dry cleaning powder is special with more
    and it is really simpler than the washing
    First of all, choose the dry washing powder for pet
    After the cat is used to use dry powder
    In need to wear the Elizabeth circle
    to avoid licking dry powder
    for cats to use dried powder once a month

    The cat itself loves cleanliness
    but it is still not recommended to dry the cat to dry the cat

    First of all, use dry powder to be easily licked by the cat into the belly
    This is bad r
    It, dry powder to stay on the skin of the cat
    In a long time, it is easy to damage the skin to destroy the stratum corneum
    The simplicity and convenience of dry cleaning
    Being good or bad or the cat's owner to choose it yourself

  5. Generally, dry cleaning powder can be used. Cats generally have less baths, do not dirty, and do not go out frequently. They can be once half a year. In more dirty cases, they can be once every 3 months. Slowly adapt to the sound of the hair dryer. Now some pet shops also have oven, which will be more convenient

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