2 thoughts on “Can ordinary dogs in the supermarket?”

  1. Although raising dogs is very common now, there are still many occasions that are not suitable for pets in real life. For example, such as supermarket hospitals, etc., when the owner intends to go to these places, it is best not to take pets to avoid you in dangerous things such as danger.

    The such netizens. When walking the dog this day, when passing by the supermarket, I suddenly wanted to buy something. However, this supermarket does not allow pets, so netizens have to put it at the door. Because I did n’t buy it for a long time, let the dog sit at the door for a while, thinking that it ’s okay. And dogs are also very obedient. After the owner leaves, it will sit still at the door and wait!

    The people passing by during the period, and even some people touched the dog, but the dogs had not moved from beginning to end until the owner came out of happily. I have to say that this is a good baby. But it is really dangerous to put the dog outside. Although it is obedient, what if you encounter a bad guy? If I would rather not go to the supermarket to buy things, they would not just put it outside. In case of something wrong, I was too regretful!

  2. You can raise dogs, but you cannot have no business license. There is no regulation
    The dogs cannot be raised, but to ensure hygiene. Under normal circumstances,
    The customers will feel more disgusted when they see dogs. If the dog bite
    , it should be compensated according to the infringement liability.

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