A man in Wuhan stole a pet shop to foster cats, just to please his girlfriend. What is the result of the man?

5 thoughts on “A man in Wuhan stole a pet shop to foster cats, just to please his girlfriend. What is the result of the man?”

  1. The man was caught by the police and needs to be sanctioned by law. No matter what the theft is, it is illegal. The behavior of a man stealing a cat is a theft in itself, which is to be sanctioned by law.
    . The man's care for his girlfriend, stealing the pet store's pet cat according to the news of the media. In order to please his girlfriend's favor, a man chose to steal customers with his friends in the pet shop late at night. The cat left, and the pet cat returned to the pet shop after the police captured the man. The handle of the pet store's store's glass door was directly broken, and the man stealing cats just to give his girlfriend as a compliant token for the two.
    In according to the man's confession, the police learned that the man originally wanted to give the stealing cat to his girlfriend as a gift, but because the two were quarreling at the time, they sold the cat directly. After being traced by the police, the cat was found.
    . Do not try to violate the law for this man. If you really want to send your girlfriend a pet cat as a belief, you can work hard to earn money through your own efforts, and then buy your girlfriend in person to buy your girlfriend in person. Only cats, not girlfriend gifts by theft. This will not only destroy their lives, but once the girl knows, it must not be willing to be with a theft.
    , for this man, because the actual behavior directly puts himself in the act of theft, it is actually worthless. I just hope that after this incident, the man can regret it. After all, if you want anything, you can get it through your own work, instead of wanting to obtain it without working, and go to the truth.
    . The store should protect their own property. For the owner of the pet store, it is best to save all the valuable items in the store when leaving. At the same time, you can also set up monitoring in the store. Good doors and windows can also set anti -theft windows directly on the doors and windows, or install a curtain, which can also prevent thieves from stealing things.
    If found that the things in the store are stolen, you should also call the police in a timely manner. Soon the prisoner was caught, thereby reducing the loss of the store.
    When the store leaves, it is best not to store some more valuable things in the store. Install the chain on the doors and windows, and the selective performance is better. This can also be anti -theft. This can not only ensure the safety of the store, but also protect the owner itself.

  2. The police immediately searched him after investigation and monitoring. The man is currently being sentenced to crime of theft.

  3. The man is now taken away by the police, and the man is now breaking up with his girlfriend, waiting for the man will be a legal sanctions.

  4. Police have grabbed the suspect Li. After the quarrel broke up with his girlfriend, he resigned the cat, and the police successfully recovered the cat back to the store.

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