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  1. Peju Shepherd (details)
    Nowadays, most owners are feeding dog food for their dogs, but maybe some owners will ask dogs to feed dog food? Isn't it other foods? In fact, it is not that dogs can only eat dog food, but the nutrition of dog food is relatively balanced than other single foods, so we usually choose dog food as dog food.

    . The development and manufacturing of dog food are based on the nutritional needs of nutritionists for pets. It contains various nutrients necessary for pets. Enhance the dog's resistance and prolong life.
    . The process of dog food is uniform to facilitate transportation and carry, and can meet foods that allow dogs to eat nutrients in different environments. For modern families with the pace of life, dogs are the most ideal choice.
    . General puffed dog food has low moisture content. It is easy to save \ The advantages of not easy to deteriorate, so it can be eaten for a long time without worrying about the problem of short -term mold. This is O
    So we chose dog food not because of its taste and nutrition. But dog food is deliberately configured according to the needs of dogs. The nutrition of dog food is more balanced, so it generally does not cause some kind of nutrition or lack. In this way, the dog's body will not happen because of nutritional relationships, which is safer than other foods.

  2. Not necessarily, but dog food is a nutritious food specially provided for dogs, which is high -end animal food between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed. Its role is to provide the most basic nutrients required for animal dogs with the most basic life assurance, growth and development and health. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption, scientific formula, quality standards, convenient feeding, and preventing certain diseases. So eating dog food can ensure the healthy growth of dogs.

  3. It is recommended to eat, because dog food contains a lot of puppies needed. My aunt's dog never eats dog food to say garbage, but his dogs have all kinds of hair loss and various constitutions. Give her dogs every day to eat fried eggs, lamb soup noodles, chicken and ducks, etc. My dogs are basically eating dog food from time to time to improve drinking milk ham sausage chicken hair color

  4. It is not necessary to eat, but feeding dog food is more secure and scientific, because dog food is studied according to the preferences and nutritional needs of dogs.

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