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  1. Pets suitable for babies to play
    The pets suitable for babies to play. From the child's view, pets are small playmates who can't speak. Children seem to have the ability to get along with animals, and some children gradually become outgoing and cheerful. Let's share pets suitable for babies to play.
    Pets suitable for babies to play 1 Pet for babies to play
    I do n’t know if parents find it. Children seem to have the ability to get along with animals, and animals also like them. Looking at the harmonious pictures of children and animals, even gratifying. For children to raise pets, parents need to consider a lot. Choosing a good pet is vital to the growth of children.
    1. There are many types of rabbits, rabbits, and there are many choices. The rabbit is usually docile and usually does not bite, and has a long life. It is not easy to die as long as it is fed. The key rabbit has no odor, and stool is not smelly.
    The benefit of rabbit rabbit. The rabbits will not yell, the size is small, and does not take up space. The rabbit loves cleanliness and will not stain the home. So if you want to raise pets for your baby, choose a rabbit first.
    2. The turtles have been long -lived and peaceful since ancient times. People regard the turtles as a symbol of fierce good luck. Feng Shui science compares the turtle to a mascot that brings wealth from the town house.
    The turtles are slow, always like humiliation, and have strong vitality. For children, there is a pet that can accompany the child for many years.

    3. There are many types of goldfish, goldfish, and have good ornamental. As the saying goes: worrying fish worries, happy fish and joy. Raising goldfish has a lot of knowledge. Parents can accompany their children to learn how to raise goldfish.
    The goldfish compared to other animals, neither disturb the neighbors, nor maliciousness to people, and will not hurt the baby, so it is also a good choice to raise goldfish to children.
    4. Labrador dogs are the best friends of human beings. There are many types of dogs. Each one has its own character and characteristics. If you want to feed your baby a pet dog, you can choose the Labrador dog, because it is a very caring dog, a guide dog, very smart and obedient, and mild and stable emotions.
    even naughty babies, Labrador can be treated patiently. Choosing a smart and safe, docile dog is what parents should do.
    It the benefits of raising pets for children, but parents must choose cautiously. It is recommended that when preparing to buy pets for your child, you must clearly tell the child's responsibility for raising pets, and to tell him that pets must be responsible for pets.
    Not children to know how to take care of small animals, actively cultivate children's love and responsibility, and let children understand how easy their parents pay for themselves in the process of pets.
    Pets suitable for babies 2 Baby and pets to get along with pets with pets and pets on the child
    Buk to get along with pets correctly
    Do do not think that the pets at home are very good, you can skip some security measures Essence Even if your pet breed has the reputation of "cleverness", it does not mean that you can despise safety prevention.
    sm don't let pets and children get along alone, especially sleeping together in a room where no one cares.
    sm do not feed children in front of pets, especially foods with strong taste. Prevent pets from grab food.
    Is do not let your children close their lips, expose their teeth, stand up their backs, yell or back, and do not approach the cats with their backs, the back of the back, the ears backwards, and the strange screaming. Essence When the small animals are too excited, they should also protect their children, be careful that he is pushed down and injured.
    New children to know: close to pets sometimes dangerous. Persist in stopping the following behavior: poke the animal's eyes and ears with your hands, or put your hand in the pet's mouth, dragging the pet's tail or tearing its hair.
    Tell your children: Do not disturb them when you eat, sleep, hold toys. When waking up and sleeping small animals, keep a certain distance and give it a little time to return to sober.
    Stock on the sofa when you hold your child on the sofa. This will allow the child to have the upper hand in the relationship between the child and the pet, or it may be an encouragement to the aggression.
    Mo do not let pets perform stimulating game movements in front of babies. So as not to hit the child over excessive excitement, accidents occur.
    If there are many guests at home, don't let it surround the guests. There are many people and strangers that will excite it. In addition, people who come to the house will definitely focus on their children, which will make it scream around the child. So the best way to put attention to children and pets at the same time to prevent accidents.
    The seriousness of the child's promise to ensure that he would not lose interest after contacting pets for a few weeks; told the child pets would be hurt by his mind because of his neglect.

    The impact of pets on babies
    In general, pets at home will bring some benefits to children, especially in personality training and early education.
    1. It is conducive to personality development
    , in children's view, pets are small playmates who can't speak. Some parents even raise small pets to accompany their children to avoid loneliness. They feel that this is conducive to children's growth and personality cultivation. Some children were originally shy and shy, and they gradually became outgoing and cheerful after being accompanied by small pets.
    2. Cultivation of responsibility and love
    Survey shows that the breeding of small pets allows children to gradually cultivate a sense of responsibility. Nowadays, many children are only children. Parents are centered on their children, and children are accustomed to the life holding in the palm of the hand. However, raising small pets can make children gain love, because children learn how to care about others while learning to take care of small pets.
    . There are hidden safety hazards
    In safety problems brought by small pets should not be underestimated. Parents need to keep small pets cleaning, ensure that there are no parasites on the small pets, bacteria, etc. may endanger their children's children’s children’s. factor.

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