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  1. 1. Panorama 4A Scenic Area, Da Yu Yaoshan Scenic Area
    Address: Huanglong Town, Dachen County, Ganzhou City
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    2. N Address: Near the Yangminghu Hotel, Chongyi County, Ganzhou City
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  2. Can I bring the lighter to the train? Bian Xiao tells you that you can bring the train on the train, but you can bring up to two lighters, no more than two, but you do not allow them to use them on the train. You cannot bring the following items to take the train:
    1. Flammable, explosive, spontaneous combustion, explosion and toxic and other dangerous goods.
    2. State restricted goods for transportation.
    3. Items that hinder public health. 4. Animals and items that damage or pollute vehicles.
    5. Except for guide dogs, we cannot bring poultry and pets.
    6. The lighter can only carry two related items. According to the "Announcement on the Prohibition and Restrictions on Railway Station", the following items can be limited to carried:
    nail polish, elimination agent, hair dye does not exceed 20 ml, no more than 120 ml of cold and hot essence, motor, glue, pesticides , Air Fresh Prefecture and other self -spray pressure vessels. ; Safety match 2 small box; two ordinary lighters.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the attractions of Ganzhou (including the counties and cities under its jurisdiction) are mainly: 1) National AAAA -level tourist area: Ganzhou Tongtianyan Scenic Area, Ganzhou Baosu Farm, Yangling National Forest Park, Xingguo Feng Shui Cultural Scenic Area 2) National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit: Ruijin Revolution, the former site of the Ningdu Uprising Headquarters, Tongtian Rock Grottoes, Ganzhou Ancient City Wall, Kansai Xinwei, Yanyi Wai, Dabao Guang Tower, Ganzhou Magazine , The Central Red Army Self -March Departure Land (in Du County) 3) National Forest Park: Jiulian Mountain National Forest Park, Baishishan Mountain National Forest Park, Cuiwei Peak National Forest Park, Fengshan National Forest Park, Meiguan National Forest Park , Yangling National Forest Park, Wuxi Peak National Forest Park, Steal Water Lake National Forest Park 4) National Nature Reserve: Jiulian Mountain National Nature Reserve 5) National Scenic Area: Three Hundred Mountain Scenic Area 6) Provincial Nature Reserve: Chongyi Yangling, Chongyi Qiyun Mountain, Shicheng Ganjiang source, Dongjiang source -find Wuyu pimple mountain, Shangsanzhong peak 7) Provincial scenic spot: Ganzhou Tongtianyan, Longnan Xiaowang Mountain , Ruijin Luohan Rock, Da Yu Zhimei Guan Ancient Post Road, Shangzhong Water Lake, Chongyi Nie Dukin Cave, Huichang Hanxianyan, Ningdu Cuiwei Peak, Shangsan Five Fingers 8) Other attractions: Yu Gutai, Mudan Pavilion, Harmony Bell, Harmony Bell tower

  4. Ganzhou Top Ten Tourist Attractions
    1. Republic Cradle Scenic Area AAAAAA
    The two major scenic spots of the two Soviet University and the Chinese Soviet Memorial Garden (Nanyuan and Beiyuan) are the national patriotic education demonstration base and one of the national classic red tourism scenic spots. In June 2012, the "Several Opinions of the State Council's Revitalization and Development of the former Central Soviet Area such as Gannan "-, for ...
    2. The Wudang Scenic Spot is located in Longnan County, Ganzhou City. The total planned area is 30.8 square kilometers. It consists of two districts: Wudang and Kansai, including Wudang Peak, Yuba Peak, Qitangshan, Kansaiwei, and Yanyi Wai. 4 independent attractions in Taiping Bridge, Wushi Wai, Caiwu Gu Rong. Xiaomu Land Scenic Area is characterized by the cultural landscape of Danxia Peak Forest and Gannan Hakka Passion Culture Landscape, landscape ...
    3. The scenic area is located in Kansai Town, Longnan County. It is 25 kilometers from the county town. It was led by Kaizu Xu Youweng to move from Jiangxi Tai and moved to Kanti in the early years of the Southern Song Dynasty. It has a history of nearly a thousand years. Gucun is located between the small basins in Kansai Cave. In the center, there is a north and south flowing from the Kansai River, which is from nine songs and eight bends. , A area of ​​about 3 squares ...
    4. Yeping Tourist Scenic Area
    Yeping Tourist Scenic Area
    Ruijin Yeping Red Tourist Scenic Area is a national key cultural relics protection unit. , 6 kilometers away from the urban area. Yeping is the birthplace of the Chinese Soviet Republic. In the second half of 1933, the Interim Central Government built a group of commemorative buildings in honor of the Red Army martyrs and other revolutionary martyrs who always died in the land revolution war. After the Red Army Long March, these buildings were demolished by the-Ruijin authorities. New ...
    5. Hongjing Scenic Area
    Hongjing Scenic Area
    Hongjing Tourism Zone, Shazhouba (January 1933 to July 1934), the Central Bureau of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, China The National Executive Bureau of the National Federation of Trade Unions and the temporary central government of the Chinese Soviet Republic), located in the territory of Shazhouba Town, 5 kilometers northwest of Ruijin City. From April 1933 to July 1934, the central government relocated from Yeping to Shazhouba and became the central government. The heart of the revolutionary base. …
    6. Yangling National Forest Park AAAA National Forest Park
    Yangling National Forest Park
    Chongyi Yangling National Forest Park is a national 4A scenic area, a national agricultural tourism demonstration site, a national agricultural tourism demonstration site, National Forest Park, Jiangxi Province Nature Reserve. Located on the southern suburbs of Chongyi County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. 467 kilometers from Nanchang, 77 kilometers from Ganzhou, and 507 kilometers from Guangzhou. Yangling was known as Guanyin Mountain in ancient times, and later because of its reputation, the Ming Dynasty Dali scholars, philosophers, politicians, and militaryist Mr. Wang Yangming stood up ...
    7. N Shicheng Tongtianzhai is located 7 kilometers away from Shicheng County. It is a typical Danxia landform. Among them, the attractions are mainly rocks like human or things. There are two ways to visit Tongtianzhai. One is to pick up the steps along the south gate. It is difficult to go up the mountain road, but the return journey is not tired. The second is that it is easier to step down from the north gate. Tongtianzhai is not large, the scenic spots are relatively concentrated, at the core of 2 kilometers in Fangyuan ...
    8. Pingshan Scenic Area AAAA
    Pingshan Scenic Area
    In the territory, it is about 60 kilometers away from the county town, and the old famous Longshan, which is 1312 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in the county. It is made of mountains and rocks. Different beasts, the highest temperature in summer is 29 ° C. Experts evaluate that Pingshan is below 900 meters above sea level is the scenery of Zhangjiajie, the National Geological Park. Historical and cultural cities -the outskirts of Dabu County. The highest peak is 906.2 meters above sea level, and the "three religions" of Buddhism, Tao, and Confucianism have complement each other for thousands of years. The scenic area covers an area of ​​more than 30,000 acres, and the forest coverage rate in the area reaches 92.6%. Such a unique natural condition and Cancan ...
    10. Gangxiang Laowei Village, 115 ° 19′18〃 east, 25 ° 00′12〃 north latitude. This encirclement was built in the middle of the wide field section, near the camphor highway in the east, 0.5 kilometers from Zhengangyu to the south, and the stoning road and Zhenjiang River in the west. It is a convenient place for transportation and 300 mountains to the National Forest Park. Dongshengwei is a set of defense, defense ...

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