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  1. How to teach dogs to urinate
    On how to teach dogs to urinate. If you want to train dogs to urinate, then you should start with it when it was a kid, so that the dog can develop regular fixed -point urination. The habit, this article teaches everyone how to teach dogs to urinate, let's take a look together!
    How to teach dogs to urinate. 1 wants to teach dogs to learn to urinate. You must first specify a fixed excretion location. It is best to be your own bathroom. Then take it around 15 to 30 minutes after the dog meals to excrete the place. During the period, a password must be established and cannot be changed at will. If you complete the training, you must caress the dog and reward the snacks it likes to eat.
    1. Specify the toilet
    First of all, you must specify a fixed excretion location for the dog, such as a bathroom or a corner that is easy to clean up. At first, dogs may urinate anywhere. After discovering, they need to move their feces to the specified toilet in front of the dog, telling it that it is a place for bowel movements.
    2. Timing urination
    It to learn how to teach dogs to urinate, you must control the habit of excretion of dogs. Generally speaking, it will be excreted in about 15 to 30 minutes after feeding the dog. At this time, the dog should be taken to the specified excretion site and encouraged it to urinate. Essence
    3. Create a password
    It can create a password when teaching dogs, such as "stinky stink", "stool", etc., so that the dog's instructions to remember this word are excretion. Once you set up a password, don't change it anymore. Every time you bring a dog to defecation, you have to say this word, making the dog gradually get used to it.
    4. Give rewards
    Is to encourage and reward it when the dog must be encouraged and rewarded after defecation at the designated place. Get caressor and snack again, and to defecate at the designated place obediently. Over time, the dog will take the initiative to go to the toilet by itself.
    On how to teach dogs to urinate 2 1. Establish a "toilet" for dogs
    When you want to train the dog's urination, then you should start with it when it was a kid. When I was a kid, I passed the training, and I was not so casual when I grew up. When we raise dogs at home, we should set up a toilet for it so that it has a good place. You can empty a place in the toilet at home and let the dogs use it for urination. In this way, the home can be not messy, and the environment of the home environment can be improved. Optimization. When the dog is still young, you should teach it to go to the special "toilet" to urinate, otherwise the home will smell.
    2. Go to the "toilet" with the dog
    We can take it to the toilet to solve the physiological problem. When it is disobedient, it can be used properly for some "violence" that is conducive to obedience. When you get up in the morning, you must go to the toilet as soon as possible. Then the dog also has a certain law. When it sniffs on the ground, it is the obvious feature of it to urinate. This situation should be taken immediately to the dedicated toilet.
    3. Do a reward mechanism for dogs!
    During training, when it is very obedient and high, then we should make adaptive rewards. This reward mechanism is very practical when the dog is young. So what food should we use to make its reward: we can choose healthy and delicious dried snacks. When you train it again and again, then its memory will be deep in your mind. Only repeated training will get the results you want, so I suggest you train 8 or 9 times 1 to 3 days. After a month, your cute dog will be very sensible, and you will never have urination anymore anymore.
    The summary: Dogs are also very good for training as long as we train with our heart, then nothing is impossible. Through this training, we can realize that persistence is victory. From this, we can realize that only when we go to practice, the results we want! In our training, we also improved our personal literacy and family discipline. Families with dogs can try my way.

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