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  1. There are many reasons for dogs to do sterilization surgery, mainly because sterilization surgery can prevent dogs from developing corresponding diseases, and also increase the life of the dog.
    The benefits of sterilization are:
    1. Sterilization surgery can prevent dogs with testicular cancer, uterine pus, greatly reduce breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and reduce prostate -related diseases.
    2. Sterilization surgery can improve the irritable temper and its territory awareness.
    3. Sterilization surgery can increase the life of the dog.
    The disadvantage of sterilization:
    1. Sterilizer surgery doubles the probability of obese dogs.
    2. Sterilizer surgery will increase the risk of blood tumor, thyroid dysfunction, and dementia.
    3, any surgery has certain risks. Even small surgery like sterilization cannot guarantee 100 % safety, but the possibility of relatively low risk is relatively low.
    The benefits of sterilization for sterilization:
    1. It will improve the quality of life of pet owners, avoid a big nest caused by a bitch. True love to protect them.
    2. Avoid the troubles caused by the estrus period because of the dogs raised, such as causing various male dogs that do not know the source, and the dog's fighting and troubles.
    3, it will change the dog's character and the physiological period of the dog. For example, the male dog will become docile and well -behaved, and the bitch will not be inconvenient due to the physiological period. is blood.
    has a lot of benefits to sterilize for dogs, but there are also disadvantages.

  2. First, reduce the chances of diseases such as ovarian cysts, ovarian tumors, median ovarian inflammation, and male dog prostatic hyperplasia. Second, after the sterilization surgery is performed, the temperament has improved, and it becomes more docile and quiet. Third, the dog will excrete the secretions everywhere during the estrus, and the temperament becomes irritable and aggressive. These troublesome problems after sterilization surgery no longer happen.

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