1 thought on “How to raise Bomei Dogs what do you need to pay attention to?”

  1. Raising Bomei dogs should let the dog's daily life routine; regular and quantitative feeding, balanced nutrition; pay attention to keeping the dog warm and avoid colds; pay attention to Bomei's physical condition, and timely treat them with problems. Pay attention to scientific feeding 1. When raising dogs, let the dogs form a good law of life, and sleep and feed them regularly.
    . Food must be balanced, so that dogs can not allow dogs to develop picking pussy and cause nutritional disorders, prevent vitamin hyperemia or calcium deficiency.
    . Fay less snacks. If you eat too much snacks, you may cause dogs to not eat dog food, and it is not good for the body. Eating should not be full, avoid vomiting when playing or more intense exercise.
    4. Be careful not to feed the deterioration and expired food to prevent dilute or food poisoning.
    This dogs should pay attention to the health status. The owner can judge the dog's physical condition by observing the stool of the Bomei dog.
    1. As the dog's age increases, the number of stools will change. Generally, when dogs are old, they have a stool several times a day, and about three times a day in two months. If dogs have a large number of stools, there may be digestive diseases.
    . You can observe the color, smell and scent of dogs, and whether there are insects to determine whether there are parasites or physical conditions in the dog's body. Normal feces are strip, moderate soft and hard, usually slightly yellow. However, it is also affected by food, such as having more meat or feeding liver, feces are usually black.
    This dogs should pay attention to cold prevention and warm Bomei puppies, so do a good job of keeping warm. In winter, you can prepare a warm water bottle. Do n’t let the puppies ’belnes on the ground for a while in summer, and it is easy to cold. After taking a bath, pay attention to blowing dry hair. It is not only to avoid colds and colds, but also to avoid wet hair caused by fungal infection.
    This dogs must work hard to combine hair and hair, and need to sort out frequently, which helps reduce the chance of skin diseases. You can use the row comb to sort out gently from the head. Do not sort it brute force when you encounter a knotted place to avoid damaging the skin and hair of the dog.

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