1 thought on “What happened to the dog crying”

  1. These are all people’s Lenovo and coincidence together. Then the more you think about it, the more you think, the more you meet the more normal phenomena when you are in Lenovo. The heart implies that the thoughts of people have such an idea to attribute everything. It is a coincidence that the car hit it. Essence Dogs are gone, now it is winter, more and more people eat dog meat, it is likely that dogs are stolen. Dogs are actually not crying. When the dog feels lonely or painful, there will be similar sobbing The sound appears. Essence Then people imagined that they were crying. Essence In fact, everything is superstitious. I hope the landlord treats the dogs well. Even if you think about unscientific aspects, why don’t you think that the dog may be called like that, but he thinks about it. Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings. After all, they have emotional feelings. I hope the landlord can handle it well. Don’t blame the dogs. Essence Think about it. Essence Dogs are also life, and they have become stray dogs. Now the fate of stray dogs has reported a lot. I wo n’t say much. I hope that the landlord can treat the dog well and objectively treat this matter. It’s not the case to change an attitude to change your mind.

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