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  1. 1. First of all, when choosing a dog, it depends on whether it is healthy. The method is to see if the hair color is shiny and the nose cannot be dry. It should be wet and cold, the eyes are clear and bright, cannot shed tears, and the mental state is good. (Tip: It is best to buy a dog who is raising a private home. It is not easy to get sick, resist strong, and has a good growth environment. Dogs bought in pets generally cannot see dog father and mother, and even the origin of it is unclear. It is easy to buy sick dogs)

    2, it is best to bring it to another pet shop to take a look at it, you must not be a professional, grasp the health of the dog, and inject the vaccine in time , Dordoor, this is good for people and dogs.

    3, when the dog is brought to the house, you can’t feed things because you like it too much. In fact, the dogs have a lot of the same place as the people. of. (Things that cannot be eaten: people drink milk, bones, meals, ham sausage, etc.), must be adapted for a period of time before feeding. You can feed dog food first. You can buy dogs for dogs.

    4, the dogs drink a lot of water every day, and always keep it in the bowl of its water to have enough water.

    5, you can't close it in the cage all day long, take it out every day to slip and sun, you can kill the bacteria.

    6 When the dogs are peeing or shit, they must catch its ears and let it smell its own shit. Peking or shit here, and deal with his excrement in time. Do not leave any smell. It will not be next time. [Take it out to pee regularly every day, slowly it will pee at home. My house This is how the dog is like this. It will not be barking when it is peeing all night. It will be irritable. Generally, it will understand some habits after spending time with the dog for a long time.

    7. You should take a bath often. After washing, you must use a hair dryer to dry it (remember), because the dog has no sweat glands, and the water left on the hair can not evaporate for a while, and it will get skin disease. of.

    8, if it is a short -haired dog, keep warm in winter to avoid colds.

    9, puppies are usually easy to diarrhea. The causes of the following are the following points. You can refer to: 1. Cold caused by cold, 2. Eat too much (you can try it for a day), 3. There are parasites in the belly. Diagnosis is not a big problem. Just go to the pet shop in time to ask the situation or take some disclosure medicine.

  2. With the continuous improvement of living standards, pets have begun to enter our family and become an important member of the family. They are becoming more and more popular with young people. What do you need to pay attention to when raising pets?
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  3. It should be almost the same as people, do not develop the problem of picky eaters. You can feed some animal internal organs such as chicken liver and ordinary rice. If the conditions are good, you can buy the feed of special pet dogs.

  4. Patiently train him, feed him dog food regularly and quantitatively every day, soak it with boiling water, and feed it without hotness. Saying him firmly and serious, if he performs well, you can give him material rewards. Observe his physical condition at any time. If you have discomfort, you will immediately find out the reason. If you ca n’t solve it, go to the doctor. Do n’t feed the medicine if you do n’t have a small problem. Pick out more time to play with him, dogs are the most favorite animals. He couldn't let him lie on the floor or marble, so he would be cold, and then diarrhea.

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