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  1. The method is as follows:
    1, diet.
    When adopting the puppy, if the puppy is still very young, the puppy's small ability is still poor. It is best to buy a special dog milk powder to feed the puppy from a pet store. After more than ten days, the puppy has a strong physique and then put some dog food in the milk powder and soak it. This will gradually adapt to dog food. Don't eat. There is also a puppy's gastrointestinal, which cannot give them and milk, which will diarrhea.
    2, bath.
    Thi dogs must be clean and often bathe for puppies. One thing to remember, if the puppy is less than three months, you must not take a bath. If you have a odor on your body, you can use a towel to dip some warm water to insert the puppy. After three months, the puppy takes about once a week. Take a bath to reduce the long worm on the dog, especially behind the ears. When taking a bath, you must pay attention to cleaning the behind your ears. It is easy to grow ears after the ears.
    3, combing hair.
    It often comb the teddy dog ​​to keep the hair smooth. When combing hair, pay attention to the combing of the face hair, because the hair on the face will be stuck by the food residue after eating. After eating things, the dog's mouth will be inserted clean, and then combed with a comb. Combs for dogs is best to use dense teeth. If there are worms on the dog, you can comb the hair. Also, you should look at the dog's skin frequently, and find that it is damaged or the lesion should find a pet doctor in time.
    4, long teeth.
    The dogs usually grow out of the teeth when they are four months to five months. As children grow their teeth, they will have symptoms of irritability and itching. You can make some chicken soup for the puppy, or you can give the puppy as an ice cubes that can relieve pain. This puppy will be more comfortable.
    5, vaccine.
    New dogs should vaccine during the period to half a year. When the dog is infected with the vaccine for the first time, you need to get three stitches and then add a rabies vaccine. In the future, the vaccine is performed per year, and the rabies vaccine is one shot for three years. Dogs also need to be deworming in the body. When vaccinating, dogs must ensure good health, and if the dog's body is not good, the dog will reduce the dog's immune capacity and affect health. Dogs need to go out for a week after the vaccine.
    Teddy dogs, also known as "lady dogs", also known as "rolling dog". In German, Pudel means "water splashing" and is an animal of Inuya dogs Essence The source of the poodle is as turbid as it is to drag out the water involved in the hunting bird.
    The long curly dogs in France, Hungarian hounds, Portuguese water dogs, Irish water dogs, Spanish hunting dogs, and even Malzis dogs may be the ancestors of poodles.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the dogs do not know how to control food, especially puppies. Some even eat vomiting and can eat it. Therefore, when I brought Teddy puppies home, it is best to feed Teddy four meals a day. The feeding amount of the packaging bag is divided into four copies. I believe that it should be known very little to eat and eat less. Pay attention to the feeding dogs.nWhen dogs are three months old, training dogs is the best time. The owner can start formulating a regular timetable to make the dog get used to the specified time to defecate every day. Most dogs can completely control bowel movements when they are four to five months old.nWhen raising Teddy puppies, do not drink milk for Teddy dogs. If dogs have lactose intolerance, they will be diluted and pets.nIt is recommended to choose goat milk similar to dog milk components. Mason milk is more likely to digest and absorb. Without fresh goat milk, you can choose dogs for dogs.nMore 2nBleak

  4. Teddy's pet dog breeding can start from nursing, diet, daily living, etc.
    The correct thoughts of feeding pet Teddy dogs. Like people, dogs also need to consume appropriate amounts of protein, fat, sugar, 13 vitamins, and 20 minerals. The intake of these nutrients must not only be appropriate, but also the proportion of them must be appropriate. Only in this way can we ensure that nutrition is complete and diet balanced.
    In contrast, dog food is comprehensive, convenient to use, and easy to save. Many elderly people are distressed by Teddy dogs and feel that the dog food is dry.

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