The dog is skinny but the stomach is very large

The dog is thin and skinny, but the stomach is very big today. Today, the dog is very thin and thin, but the stomach is very large. It eats it and appetite. What kind of medicine should be used?

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  1. The dog's belly is large, and the thin body may be the following reasons:
    1, liver ascites. At this time, you should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.
    2, infected with parasites. At this time, insect repellent should be bought for deworming.
    3, poor food nutrition, or the dog's absorption ability is not good. The former should feed dogs with high -protein foods, such as meat, eggs, etc., and the latter recommends eating dogs to eat a bit of probiotic tablets and other things to help digestion.

  2. First determine whether it is a baby dog. If you are pregnant, your stomach should be due to Dali.
    Secondly, some dogs are indeed sophisticated, and they are not meaty. This type is generally sick. As the saying goes, dogs are long dog treasure, dog treasure is a pathological secretion.
    Igly, you should take it to the veterinarian, after all, a life. The elderly in the family may not be willing, and they can also find a veterinarian for prescribing medicine and try it.

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