Where should Wuhan buy Corgi?

I am in Wuhan and want to buy a Corgi dog. Where should I go to buy it?

3 thoughts on “Where should Wuhan buy Corgi?”

  1. It is not necessary to buy it in Wuhan. It is guaranteed to find reliable health and appearance.
    In when buying, please ask the seller:
    Ad pictures source: Public account yearning for excellent pets
    1. Is the puppy's parents certified by OFA and determine the problem of no hip development? Even if the other party shows the OFA certificate, it must try to distinguish its authenticity. If the dog's father is certified, the dog's mother does not have it, and you have to think twice.

    2. Whether the center of the eyes is clear and healthy, and whether there is no genetic doubt through the veterinarian examination and determination.
    3. Is the puppy's parents afraid of noise? Is the adaptability good for the new environment?
    The above points are a few points that need to be paid attention to when buying a Corgi dog. Corgi's short legs are its cuteness, and it is also a hidden danger of health. Buy again.

  2. Flower and bird market, it is best not to go on the roadside stalls. Ten are estimated to be a week. There are also many sick dogs in pet shops. See what quality you budget and pursuit. The first point of the budget can find a baby -raising dog. If you want better quality, it is best to go to a professional dog. I know that Wuhan is a better keeper for Corgi, happy Corgi, Didi Corgi, and because of Corki.

  3. Finding a reliable dog house, you can see dog parents, and the dogs are generally vaccinated. So don't worry about health issues.
    I bought one in Wuhan Yingyuan Corki before.
    It feels the boss is reliable, the key is that the dog is good.

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