4 thoughts on “What are the dogs that cannot be eaten and not touched? Why?”

  1. There are many things that can not be eaten or touched by dogs, such as raw eggs, seafood, plums, grapes, chocolates, alcohol -containing foods, etc., because these foods will threaten the dog's health.
    . Food that dogs cannot eat
    Raw eggs are the most unavailable foods for dogs, because there is an ingredient in raw eggs that consume vitamins in the dog's body, which inhibit the dog's fur growth Essence In addition, dogs cannot eat or touch seafood, because seafood is aquatic products, and aquatic products can cause pet digestion. Most importantly, there are more parasites in seafood, and dogs' resistance is not as good as humans. ,Easy to get sick. There are many owners who think that the plum is fresh and delicious, so I want to give the dog a taste. In fact, the dogs cannot eat, because the dog's digestive system is very different from that of humans. Then the plum will cause the digestive tract to block, threatening the dog's life. Grapes and raisins should not be eaten for dogs, because foods such as grapes and grapes can cause dog kidney failure. It should be noted that foods containing alcohol, dogs cannot eat, alcohol is harmful to humans, and the same to dogs. If the dog eats alcohol food or accidentally drinks alcohol, it is easy to coma. If it is, it will die.
    . What can dogs eat
    although dogs have a lot of things that cannot be eaten, they can eat some nutritious strawberries, bananas, apples, etc. Because strawberries contain a variety of vitamins, it can help the dog's stomach and stomach unobstructed, especially after the dog eats dinner, the owner can feed the dog to eat some strawberries. Dogs can also eat some apples properly, but you can't eat the apple core, and it is easy to get stuck in the dog's throat.
    At last, the dogs and babies need to be carefully cared for. Therefore, the owner should pay special attention to the dog's dietary problems during the breeding process. Do not cause some dangers to cause the dog due to accidental.

  2. What the dog cannot eat is alcohol, apple seeds, apple paste, cherry core, avocado, coffee, bone, chocolate, garlic. Because some ingredients in these foods can cause dogs to vomit and diarrhea, also cause abnormal heartbeat, and may cause suffocation.

  3. Dogs cannot eat avocado, alcohol, garlic, chocolate, milk, onion, salt, these foods will affect the dog's stomach. If you eat too much, it is very easy to cause death. Because the dog's stomach and human and intestines are different, these things they eat are very difficult to digest.

  4. Do not eat raw meat, do not eat milk products, cat food, do not eat alcoholic food, do not eat raw eggs. These are easy to cause the dog's stomach and stomach, and it is easy to cause diarrhea.

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