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  1. Behead stalks (details introduction)
    Fish meat is very helpful for the dog's brain, so some owners also feed their dog food while feeding some fish. There are certain benefits, but you must pay attention to remove the fish bones to remove them cleanly to avoid getting stuck to the fishbone. However, there is a sparse in Baimi, and no one can guarantee that the fishbone will be feeded together carelessly, so what to do if the dog stuck the fishbone.
    For the smaller fishbone, the dog can basically swallow it naturally as the food swallows. If the food does not swallow with the food for a long time, the owner can use a flashlight to illuminate the throat, press the back of the tongue with a small spoon, and take it seriously. Checking the swallow gorge, if it is found that the fishbone is not deep, it is best to use the long sister -in -law.
    For the larger and deeper fishbone, no matter how swallow it cannot be removed, the dog owner needs to observe the dog's expression. Fish thorns can not be found on both sides and around. At this time, the owner is best to take a dog to take a hospital for treatment. With the help of the veterinarian, the fishbone thorns are removed. Do not blindly cause a greater impact on your own. When the fishbone is stuck in the dog's throat, the owner must not let the dog remove the fishbone by swallowing food, because a large amount of food will not only remove the fishbone, but also make it deeper. It can even cause severe consequences of inflammation due to infection.
    What to do if the dog stuck the fishbone? For smaller fishbone, we can basically help them remove them by ourselves. If it is a large fishbone and the card is deeper, then it is best to take them to the hospital for treatment. The ministry causes damage.

  2. What should I do if my dog's throat is stuck to the fishbone? If it is a dog, there should be no problem. He has his own way. My dog ​​eats fish and can shave the bones. If it is。. Essence He will have a strong response. Stretch your neck and get the card yourself. If there is no these phenomena, there should be no problem. Did not hold on the throat. Essence If you are not assured, give him some digestive lactic acid bacteria tablets. Two pieces. Eat half a piece of cephalosporin to prevent fish spines from scraping the esophagus. Essence But you can rest assured that if the dog has swallowed, there is no problem. His stomach has a strong digestive ability. Essence If the puppy has eaten before, use his fingers or chopsticks to press the dog's tongue roots and let it vomit. When the stomach spit out, most of the fishbone will be brought out. If it doesn't work, go to the doctor right away. Dogs are often stuck in fishbone, and they can't handle it by themselves. Go to see a doctor immediately! In the absence of no grasp, eat chicken bones for dogs because some dogs will break the intestines after eating it! Intersection

  3. 1. Dogs of eating fish are stuck. Sometimes the dog eats fish by mistake, and sometimes the owner does not know that the dog has eaten fish. However, the final result was that the dog was stabbed. Dogs are stabbed by fish not only uncomfortable, but the serious situation will endanger life. Therefore, it is found that the dog must be processed as soon as possible by the fishbone card.
    2. If the fishbone is obviously stuck in the dog's mouth, if possible, you can directly open the dog's mouth, and then pull out the fishbone with your hands. Restore it normal. However, if the stuck fishbone is in the throat, it is not easy to see it, then the best way to deal with is to send the dog to the hospital, and ask the doctor to remove the fish with a mule. Of course, if the situation is more serious, it is necessary to deal with the doctor's method.

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