5 thoughts on “How to deal with stray dogs or unmanned dogs?”

  1. 见The people see the benevolent, and the wise will see wisdom. Personally, it is believed that without effective treatment of the root causes and people -oriented, especially the rural and urban -rural combinations, stray dogs do not have effective epidemic prevention measures, and people have lack of awareness of rabies. Still kill. Dog's human nature is indeed not fake, and loyalty has not been said. But after all, it is livestock. The so -called cat skin dog face means that the temperament is unstable and easy to hurt people. When rabies occur, one or two people really can't handle it. Bleak

  2. In order to protect the safety of minors, we should resolutely kill urban stray dogs and free -range dogs!
    1. Has murder. 2. Establish a pet gene library. 3. Raising dogs with heavy punishment and incorporating personal credit.
    The fees can be charged to pets in large and medium -sized cities to establish pet gene libraries to increase the threshold of pets. Only pets entering the warehouse can issue certificates to support. The above fines. This can not only reduce the abandoned pet, but also determine the responsibility through DNA when there is a dispute between biting people.

  3. 小 If possible, do sterilization surgery and vaccine for stray dogs in the community. When I was working in the animal hospital in Beijing, I met an old lady and left a very deep impression on me. After she retired, she had nothing to do, so I caught all the stray dogs and stray cats in the community. , Take your own pockets, let us vaccine and do sterilization surgery, and then send them back to the community. In her opinion, this is a very faithful thing that can avoid excessive reproduction and can also avoid them bite others. Bleak

  4. 只 For dog breeders, as long as they need to standardize dog raising behaviors, the breeders must have a certain quality and not affect others. Setting related systems and strict supervision and implementation can resolve many contradictions. For unmanned dogs, it can design relevant agencies, can adopt institutions, can also have special domestication performances, or even legal slaughtering agencies. Bleak

  5. The source of the stray dog ​​is in the dog raising people, managing the dog raising market, and the lectures of legislation and enforcement can truly cure this tumor. Now renovation and throwing garbage need to be charged. Usually domestic garbage must be classified. People are responsible for managing, and dog breeding can also imitate this system to change them into management slightly, so that raising dogs must be eligible to raise, otherwise they will be mandatory and imposable. Bleak

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