4 thoughts on “Do Bomeng dogs cut hair in the summer?”

  1. First of all, I want to say: Don't force the dogs, so as not to cause the little guy to be frightened and cause a psychological shadow.

    In summer, you can always see dogs shaved "slippery", there is nothing left. Many dog ​​owners saw the furry dogs dripping directly in the summer, especially the long -haired dogs were like wearing "fur" coats. They couldn't bear it. For the sake of convenience, they simply took it to the pet shop to shave.

    The sweat glands on dogs (only mainly distributed on the feet). The practice of shaving is just to infer the physical condition of the pet from the psychology of people, and it is also the master's psychological and visual self -comfort. If the hair is shaved, it will make it directly exposed to the scorching sun. The more suitable method is that if the dog does not have severe skin diseases, and the hair is not severely knotted, it can take it to cut the hair shorter, like a fresh "summer short dress". (Note that it is highlighted here, not shaving). Trimming a little can not only avoid skin diseases, but also beautiful. If the Pomeranian dog, you can cut a "round -headed summer", which is not as beautiful as the shaved "shirtless dog".

    It, some dog hair will produce melancholy after being shaved, and some friends shave the Bomei dog Babe she raised. Under the bed, no matter how he coaxed him, his appetite became worse.

    D doctor's comment: Summer is the most difficult season for dogs, especially long hair dogs, high temperature and humidity, easy to heatstroke. Summer is also the season when skin diseases prevail. The whole body has sweat glands, but the dog's sweat glands are concentrated on the feet. They generally use tongue and panting to dissipate heat. The mouth and chest are always wet, which can easily cause eczema. Unless there is severe skin diseases, it is not recommended to shave the whole body. The dog's skin structure characteristics, protective layers and people, the skin of the dog is directly exposed, and because it is susceptible to intermediate grape bacteria, it is prone to flea and chiggle, which is not good for the dog's psychology. Cats are not recommended to shave, because the cat's personality is more sensitive. In order to avoid summer, the soles of pets must be cleaned in summer to help heat dissipation. Other hairs should not be trimmed too short, and appropriate hair can block ultraviolet rays.

    Since it has been cut, don't be upset. If you feel ugly, you can trim it at any time.

    It introduces several methods to cool the dog:

    1. Change the dog walking time to a cool morning or evening.

    2. Making a small mat with the baby, sleeping on it will be very cool.

    3. Under very hot cases, you can wipe the meat pads with alcohol cotton to help heat dissipation.

    4. Put some water in a basin to let the dogs play. But pay attention to blowing dry, the hair dryer can be replaced by an electric fan.

    is happy, as long as the dog is healthy, isn't it?

  2. The cutting hair is good for dogs, because although the dog does not sweat, the thick hair will still block the calories emitting them when they contact the cold objects, so cutting the hair can make them more comfortable. However, the existence of hair can block the damage caused by direct sunlight to the skin of the dog and reduce the occurrence of sun exposure. If you want to cut hair for dogs at home, the most important method is to cut the skin with a push. Don't hing the hair, it is likely to accidentally cut their skin. For dogs, cutting hair once in summer is enough. In addition, when cutting hair, pay attention to keep the hair on the abdomen. These hair can protect the dog's reproductive organs from harm.

  3. Hello:
    It for beauty, you can do shape, otherwise it is useless. The dog has no sweat glands and you can cut it without cutting.

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