5 thoughts on “How can dogs be small?”

  1. First of all, keep the dog's environment, and give the dog vaccine. During the vaccine, it is best not to take a bath for the dog. If you want to take a bath, you can use pets for pets when the weather is good. After washing, immediately use a hair dryer to dry and blow through. But the first week of the vaccine cannot be taken. And without the vaccine, it is best not to take the dogs outdoors. If you take her for a walk, don't let him play on the grass, it is easy to infect. Generally, puppies are more likely to get sick. Because of their low resistance, the owner needs to take care of it. The so -called clean hair, if the dog does not go out, the hair will not be dirty, and pay attention to the usual sorting. If you think that the dog has a odor, you can take a bath with a dry washing powder.

  2. The so -called small (intestine) is actually the symptoms of gastroenteritis of a dog, that is, vomiting, diarrhea, and severe vomiting and blood. There are two causes of this situation: first, simple gastroenteritis, cold, eating bad things, eating bones can cause simple gastroenteritis. This general symptoms of gastroenteritis are not particularly powerful, and threats to life are also threatened to life. Not big, it can be cured in about three days by injections or infusion. Second, infectious gastroenteritis, small viruses, coronary viruses, and canine plague virus can cause gastroenteritis symptoms. The cause of gastroenteritis caused by this cause will be obvious and develop rapidly, and the threat to life is relatively large. This infectious disease treatment must be treated with infusion, and biological preparations that need to improve immunity to improve immunity in injection of blood, monoclonal antibody, interferon, protein, etc. The treatment period is generally about one week. The prevention method is to inject vaccines. Do not eat things like bones.

  3. The main thing is to pay attention to hygiene, the water you drink should be clean, don't let it pick up things, and the vaccine must be hit ~

  4. After buying pets for 10-15 days, I went to the pet hospital for vaccine after 10-15 days. Walking the dog outside the other before the immunity, do not take a shower, stay away from the infectious disease pets, pets, pets around you

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