3 thoughts on “What dogs can be raised in the city?”

  1. At present, small and medium -sized dogs are usually allowed in cities, and certificates must be registered to apply for vaccination needles on time. The varieties that can be seen, for example:

    Shiba Inu is a dog from Japan, with medium size, smart and cute. Although Shiba Inu looks more honest and honest, you must know that they have always been Exist as a hunting dog. Shiba Inu is vigilant and active. It can be aware of the surrounding wind and grass movement.
    The Chinese pastoral dogs
    In the past, Chinese pastoral dogs have always been used by people to see home nursing homes, and almost every household has such dogs. Although the Chinese pastoral dog does not seem to have the above kinds of dogs and domineering, but on the degree and combat effectiveness, the Chinese pastoral dog is not weak, and it is not like some pet dogs are not prepared for strangers. The Chinese pastoral dog For the strange atmosphere, the hostility is very great. It is definitely the first place when it comes to protecting the Lord and the thief.
    The is more suitable as working dogs with golden retriever and Labrador. The personality is relatively mild, and Bian Mu and Rowa can also look at home. Small poodles, Chihuahua, Sherry, etc., can usually watch the door to play a little warning. But it is not as strong as medium -sized dogs.
    The specifically depends on your own environmental conditions and budgets.

  2. There are not many breeds that can be raised in the city. There are really many breeds in the city. It is only suitable for small dogs in the city, such as Chihuahua, Butterfly Dogs, and Beijing -Pakistan.

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