What kind of punishment will the old man think that the dog is called to disturb the people and kills 22 pet dogs?

5 thoughts on “What kind of punishment will the old man think that the dog is called to disturb the people and kills 22 pet dogs?”

  1. The seventies of the old man suspected that dogs were called to disturb the people, so they poisoned 22 pet dogs. For many of us netizens, such behaviors and such behaviors were actually disagreed, and they felt that such an old man was particularly incredible and needed to need Sanctions by law. But in fact, in Chinese laws, we do not specifically specify pet dogs, and there are no clear legal provisions how to protect each pet dog. But each pet dog is actually a private property of the owner. If these 22 pet dogs have a qualified adoption certificate or related certification, they can prove that these pet dogs are real pet owners, so that they can be possible Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of these pet dogs within the scope of the law. For many citizens of us, even for many of us dog lovers, it is really not desirable to see such an idea.
    Because for many of us, the life of pet dogs is the same as that of our lives. Although they have a fundamental gap with us humans, there is no gap in life. For many of us, being able to raise a pet is a huge price, and it is also not always pets, but the existence of our loved ones who are in a hurry to get along with them. So when I saw a seventy -old man who poisoned 22 pet dogs because of raising pet dogs, it was incredible for many of us, and even felt that such an old man should be sanctioned by law. Facing such a penalty, there is no clear rule in the law, but if you can clearly know that these pet dogs have the owner, then care for these pets. For many of us, these pet dogs belong to them. Private property, then if you kill 22 pet dogs, it belongs to violations of the other party's private property, and it is necessary to receive legal sanctions. And since it is a pet dog, it must be a noble variety, and the price is relatively expensive.
    So for our elderly, we should be sanctioned very seriously, because when the amount reaches a certain degree, the punishment of law will be more serious. However, we still have to call on all of us to pets. If we do n’t like it, we can do n’t care. Do n’t hurt them. We must believe that every life is conducive to attraction, and we also believe that we have no impact for many pet dogs. As long as we can coexist peace, there is no need to hurt them.

  2. It will face criminal liability punishment, because he is a major loss to the interests of others because he is a murder.

  3. It will face criminal penalties or fines. Because he is suspected of abuse of animals, he will need to bear legal responsibility.

  4. Captive and fine. According to relevant laws and regulations, the behavior of the elderly has been suspected of investing in the crime of hazarding material and will be sentenced and fined.

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