3 thoughts on “To buy a traction rope for the dog, I don't know which solid durability?”

  1. This depends on how much your puppy weighs before you decide what kind of traction rope to buy. Generally, small dogs do not need. Now the dogs are very obedient. If you can choose this, you can choose this iron chain if you are not very well -behaved. It is more anti -dragging. You must consider it from your own dog to take care of our good partners.

  2. To say that this traction rope is strong and durable, I personally think that the stainless steel traction rope of Wanlian is the most durable. It is resistant to pulling, not afraid of bite, waterproof and rust.

  3. Hello, I am a pet shop. According to the experience, generally the traction rope can be flat, strong and durable, the round appearance is good -looking, the materials inside are not good! It is recommended

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