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  1. Answer: Parents who have pets know that pet nutrition cream is considered to be inseparable from dog growth. So, what are the functions of dogs eating pet nutrition cream?
    The nutrition cream is to help pets supplement nutrition. Compared with food supplement, its effect is faster, especially when dogs need high -level nutrition when they need to be high. First, nutritional cream can quickly supplement physical fitness: it can quickly help recovery for dogs with weakness and diseases, malnutrition, and dogs after surgery; Contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients, and nutritional supplements are in place, which can improve immune capacity and enhance disease resistance;
    The three: promote fur health. As we all know, there are many nutrients required for hair. Nutrition of nutrition can promote the healthy development of dog fur.
    AR, of course, in addition to these effects, the formula of nutrition cream is different, and the role of it will also be differentiated. Take a very simple example. Under normal circumstances, the role of similar nutrition creams is to quickly supplement nutrition, but the fresh meat and bone nutrition cream owned by the local brand Gudeng combines the three major functions of supplementing nutrition, beauty and strong bones, and enhanced immunity.
    Therefore, when buying dog nutrition cream, you still need to judge according to the nutritional conditions of your own dog. If you miss the nutrients, choose to supplement the substance or the nutrition cream with a rich content of the substance. And although nutritional cream should not let dogs greedy the Olympics, feeding should also pay attention to scientific, reasonable and appropriate amount.

  2. Nutrition cream can bring nutrition to dogs, but you must not use it as a medicine. Generally speaking, dogs from 1 to 6 years old can supplement protein. In addition, the weather in the south is humid. When a dog's skin is wrong, you can feed fatty acids, that is, fish oil; long hair dogs can also add beauty flour. Dogs over the age of 7 have entered the old age, and supplementing cellulose can help gastrointestinal digestion.

    What dogs need nutrition cream to supplement nutrition?

    1. For long -term picky eaters, not eating dog food, or eating food for people, the diet structure is a single dog, it is necessary to supplement vitamins, minerals, etc.
    2. For dogs that are not good, weak, old, because of a small amount of diet, it is easy to cause malnutrition dogs.
    3, because the disease needs to be specially supplemented with a certain vitamin or mineral, such as skin diseases can take vitamin B as auxiliary treatment.
    4. Obviously, the body lacks some kind of vitamins or minerals, such as convulsions caused by calcium deficiency and dogs.

    It the nutrition cream can also be used to quickly supplement the nutrition required for postpartum, postoperative, physically weak, and weak dogs, helping dogs to quickly recover the injured body. If you usually pick eaters, you can use nutrition cream to stimulate it to stimulate it, or you can use it when feeding deworming medicines, and you can also use nutrition creams for some training.

  3. Dogs to eat nutrition cream, as the name suggests, are the effect of supplementing nutrition. Generally, dogs can supplement his nutrition by eating nutrition cream when nutritional cream is not healed when nutrients are insufficient.
    It my dog ​​also returned to supplement his nutrition when the nutrition cream bought by E pet last time. When the dog cannot eat, you can also use nutrition cream

  4. In addition to choosing a dog food for dogs, the owner raises dogs, and also gives dogs for nutrition cream to supplement the nutrition other than dog food.
    The nutrition cream, as the name suggests, is used to supplement the dog's nutrition, but the nutritional paste for dogs is easier to absorb and digest, especially for dogs for weakness, disease, and postoperative diseases. , But the owner should not use nutrition cream as a medicine.
    In general, in addition to regular feeding nutrition creams, dogs usually need other nutrients in different regions and different types of dogs. For example, the weather in the south is more humid. Dogs are prone to skin diseases. Feed with fish oil.
    The nutrition cream for dogs can not only supplement his nutrition by eating nutrition cream when the dog is insufficient, when he is very small, or heals. It can also be used for surgery. After the disease, the dog can recover; the physical recovery of physical strength after work and a large amount of labor; the energy supplement of the weak and the energy of the elderly; treating anorexia, anemia, and improving immunity. It is also used as daily nutritional supplement, fur health and appetite regulation.
    Net, and dogs are rich in nutritional creams rich in vitamin science ratio minerals to form high -quality and high -quality nutritional needs and energy sources. At the same time, they are specially added with amino acids, lecithin, cod liver oil, concentrated milk protein, so that pets can be in their physique, and their pets are in their physique. The intestines and fur are active.
    For the feeding time of dog nutrition cream, dogs can be fed with puppies from puppies to elderly dogs. Of course, if the dog has exceeded the weight, it must be eaten less.
    In addition to the way of nutrition cream, the owner can eat more homemade food for dogs, such as: bone soup, nest, chicken spinach rice, fruits and other foods are good choices.

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