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  1. Pay attention to the material and quality of dog toys. Good materials will not make the dog poison or allergies. The quality of good quality toys is high to avoid the dog's bite toys and eat it by mistake. Toys change, it is time to clean it regularly. Pay attention to the selection of dog toys. If the dog is not particularly interested in biting, you only need to buy a plush toy for it. This toy is generally light. strength. For dogs who like to bite, they need more strong toys. Dogs with a lower degree of bite are suitable for toys made of polyethylene or latex. Due to the many production methods, this type of toy is hundreds of products, and dogs are easily attracted. Rubber and nylon toys are suitable for dogs with high degree of bite, because such toys will not be easily torn by dogs. Rope toys made with nylon and cotton can not only meet the needs of dogs who like to drag the game, but also help dogs to grind their teeth, which is beneficial to their teeth health.

    The choice of dog toys. Pay attention to the quality. When you are not able to determine whether the toy is suitable for dogs, you can first observe how the dog's response to the toy. If the dog has a crazy bite toy, it means that the toy is not strong enough, and the dog can easily tear it into fragments. Once the fragments are mistakenly entered the trachea, it is easy to cause the dog to suffocate.

    This toys to be replaced regularly for some dogs to play a kind of toy for a long time, so they will gradually lose their interest, so you can transfer your attention to the furniture. At this time, you will buy a new toy to satisfy the dog's dog. Fresh sense. In addition, as dogs grow up, many toys will no longer be suitable for them, and the owner must replace it in time to prevent small toys from being swallowed by dogs.

    This toys should be cleaned regularly with their mouths and toys. During the play, the toys will inevitably be covered with the dog's saliva. After cleaning the mouth, the toys will smell. This is one of the reasons why dog ​​toys stinky. To clean up the smell of dog toys, the dog owner is cleaned regularly. You can soak the toy with clear water with a special disinfection of pets, and then rinse it. After washing, you need to dry it to play the dog again.

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