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  1. The older dogs, you can use dry cleaning powder to deal with
    The urine smell on the dogs intentionally, while others have to do it. Some dogs are too long, and the poor excretion habits can easily make the urine get on their own hair. Some dogs will roll around their urine, so that the dog has a heavy urine smell on the dog's body for a long time. If you just get clear when you get the urine, then the leftover taste will not be too large, but it will be relatively troublesome when it turns dry and even penetrates into the skin.
    . Bathing
    is the most direct way to bathe in dogs, but long -term taste accumulation may not be completely clear at once, so it is important to do cleaning for dogs regularly. However, it is not recommended to take a bath directly for dogs who have not injected vaccines. However, these dogs are younger, so the taste of the body should not be very large, so you can choose other methods. For the choice of shower solution, pay attention to selecting dogs dedicated to dogs. Do not use the bath milk we use to avoid destroying the pH of the dog's hair and the skin.
    . Wet the wet scarf erase urine
    We cannot help the dogs take a bath too frequently, so that there are not many urine in the dog's hair. The dog is cleaned, and many wet towels have fragrance, which can remove or cover the taste of urine. However, after rubbing with a wet towel, you should also blow dry by the hair, and do not let it dry naturally.

    This must be dried up after washing
    . Dry powder
    It the cleaning effect of dry powder washing is not particularly ideal, because many owners dislike the newly bought dogs There was a taste on the body, so a dog led home and gave them a bath. But this is undoubtedly huge for puppies. Bathing is very easy to cause puppies' stress reactions, and bathing is also a matter of consuming dog energy. Many puppies have a very important correlation with infection and infectious diseases with bathing puppies who do not injected vaccines. Therefore, if you think these puppies have urine flavor, you can use dry cleaning powder to help the dog temporarily process it, which can effectively cover these odors more effectively. After the dog adapts to the environment and the vaccine is injected, it is not too late to help the dog again.
    . The corn starch
    If wiped with a towel, it is difficult to dry the urine completely, and the urine smell will be left after blowing. So we can sprinkle some corn starch in the wet location to absorb urine. Then you can use a comb to sort the hair and comb the starch sticky on the hair. This can ensure the dryness of the hair, and the taste of the leaving will be reduced a lot. However, it is best to comb the dense teeth comb, otherwise the starch will still stick to the hair, but it is easier to dip in other foreign objects.
    It to prevent the dog from getting urine on your body, you must train your dog to have a good excretion habit. Mao must also be properly trimmed. For dogs who have not injected vaccines, do not use water to solve the way to avoid cold. As for the adult dog, after taking a shower or wiping with a wet paper towel, it is also necessary to blow dry the hair to reduce the chance of skin disease.

  2. It will be much better to mop the floor with washing powder. After the dogs are urinating in the house, it is OK to mop the laundry powder. My dog ​​was urinated in the house when he was a child, and it was also summer. The laundry powder is mopped to the ground, the taste is quite clean, and the usual ventilation is usually added. There is no dog urine smell in the room. But this must be insisted every day. When the dog did not hold back to pee on the ground, it was OK with a trailer dipped in the laundry powder. If you still have a taste, you can spray some air fresh agents at home when you walk, but you can spray it even in the house. Test it ...
    It the most effective urine smell is The deodorized wood chips are deodorized wood chips for rabbits sold in ordinary pet shops. It is not expensive. It is placed in the place where dogs often pee in the bathroom, so that the air in the house will be much better.

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