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  1. Many people have experienced that when the dogs are chased by other big dogs, they are startled. At this time, the owner was afraid that it would be frightened, and immediately rushed over to hold it, holding it tightly in his arms, and comforting it.
    The dogs who thought that bigger than it had suddenly appeared, maybe they were scared, but after the owner's hug, he would think that the big dog was terrible, because even the owner was afraid of that way that looked like that. ; Your soothing behavior has aggravated the dog's fear of big dogs!
    So when the dog owners are chased by the dogs by other big dogs, do not comfort the dogs. As long as you say in a stable emotion and tone: "It's just another dog coming over, there is nothing to worry about." At the same time, you just throw a snack for it. If you go to hold it to comfort it, it will only make it really terrible, because you are also scared!
    extension information:

    After the dog is frightened, you should first check the dog Whether the dog is injured; even if the dog has no trauma, the symptoms after being frightened are vomiting, diarrhea, dull expression, and even unable to sleep. If the dog does not eat, the dog should be infused if necessary to supplement nutrition.
    If the degree of frightening dogs is not so serious, you can handle it yourself. First of all, create a comfortable and safe space for the dog. Without the interruption of the outside world, the tense psychology of the dog is slowly relaxed; then, the owner should touch the dog patiently, speak with the dog with a gentle tone, and let the dog let the dog. The dog feels the care of the owner; in the end, after the dog eliminates some fear, it slowly encourages the dog to guide the dog to re -understand the world.
    If when the dog is afraid of some things, do not force the dog to face it immediately. You should slowly encourage the dog to adapt, step by step, and build a dog's self -confidence; the host should gradually enrich the dog's life Experience, familiarity with and adapting to the external environment, and practice the courage of dogs.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dogs are frightened. Do not force the dog to show a state of fear when the dog is frightened. It will also hide because of fear. At this time, the owner should not force the dog to come out. Essence Dogs are frightened and need to appease. When the dog is frightened, it is prone to stress reaction. The owner can touch the dog, comfort and encourage the dog, and don't let strangers stimulate the dog. If the dog suffers from vomiting, diarrhea, mental weakness, and diet and sleep due to frightening, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.nQuestions do not vomit, only mental weakness, loss of appetite, and then I accidentally scared it. When I stroke itnI'm sorry to see it just to see, just wait for the dog to slow down, you can soothe the dog for some small snacksn1 morenBleak

  3. Let the dog calm down first.
    The owner can temporarily let the dog calm down for a while. After the dog's emotions are slightly stable, they can feed the dogs that they usually like to eat cans, meat and other snacks, or toys such as hair balls, flying trays and other toys. Interacting with the dog to make the dog divert the attention.
    Is after the dog performs better, the owner can embrace more and stroke the dog to make the dog feel trust and safe. In daily life, the owner should not deliberately scare the dog.

  4. I have n’t encountered this kind of unable to help. Essence My dog ​​was scared by a friend, and then he remembered him. Essence Essence Your dog is so pitiful, you will accompany the frightened puppy, and give it some warmth, will it be much better?

  5. Hug less, don't scare it anymore and let it rest well. Put it in a quiet place to prepare something to eat. Generally speaking, dogs can recover by themselves. Last year, a dog was scared by firecrackers and didn't eat anything, and then dull, afraid of a fierce sound. Later, it was slowly getting better.
    I I wish your dog to recover health as soon as possible

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